Hurricanes, Heavy Missiles up on the Nerf-Block

The Fozzie giveth and the Fozzie taketh away.  Having delivered a refreshed lineup of cruiser abilities earlier today, CCP Fozzie has gladdened the hearts of high-skill players around Eve by announcing sweeping changes to the Hurricane and, more importantly, Heavy Missiles, that will hit the rank-and-file fleet doctrines of many large alliances.

The Hurricane is hit hard through the route of fitting nerfs, making it hard to fit the larger guns and impractical to use neuts alongside them.

The Drake is hit indirectly through the medium of missile nerfs: Heavy Missile damage is cut, flight-time (and therefore range) is whittled away, and the engagament envelope for a drake fleet will therefore drop by about a quarter of its previous distance.  Heavy Missile damage is also hit.

Although Tracking Enhancers and Tracking Computers will enhance this range again, Tracking Disruptor modules will now affect missile boats (one suspects that this is, however, unlikely to see much use in large fleet fights given the effectiveness of other ewar options).

The sense of joy amongst the forces of elite PvP will be lessened by the realisation that Tengu fleets are also affected by the Heavy Missile changes.  Mission-runners, ratters and plexers also look to be hurt by the 20% drop in damage.

For full details, read CCP Fozzie's thread and give your feedback.