How I Killed a Titan

I write this with adrenaline still pumping through my veins. Fifteen minutes ago, a week long plan to kill this Titan finally came to fruition. Though there were many points in which I could have just said “fuck it” and left, oh boy, am I glad I didn’t. This is a rare thing: the full story of the death of a Titan, from concept to execution.


This story starts like many others - a phone call, an email, or in my case a conversation invite from my good friend Snowman1. I’ve known snowman for around 5 years now, ever since we were both in the corporation Merchants Trade Consortium. He told me he was bored with Minmatar Faction Warfare and wanted to come play in 0.0. As a farewell gift, he also wanted to kill his CEO’s Titan. He needed my help.

So what did I have at hand?

First, Snowman told me he had recently been given POS fueling rights. This would also allow him to turn off POS shields and make the Titan within completely vulnerable. That's almost everything we need: it means we can catch the Titan, leaving it pointed and ready to be hammered by any force I decide to bring along. I started looking around for a suitable entity with enough firepower to turn a Leviathan into powder. Luckily for me, my own alliance, TEST, was at this point staging in HED. HED is only two Titan midpoints from Arzad, meaning that I could invite my own alliance along to kill this behemoth. Perfect.

So, on Friday the 3rd, I get both midpoints manned with cynos, get a Phobos into Arzad, and get snowman ready to drop the shields. Perfect. Only one thing left: how do we get Eperor to log on?

I learned a few things about Eperor. Apparently he liked doing two things with his Titan: logging it on when the Amarrian FW fleet up (to show them he means business) and leaving it logged in while AFK. There was a third avenue for victory: Snowman had been talking with his CEO about “selling” his Leviathan to a buyer and scamming him for the money. If necessary, we could use this angle to get the Titan online; however, we would save it for emergencies only.

With all these things in place, the worst thing happened.

(10:00:26 PM)

Hey guys

Just an update.

As previously planned between myself and Shadoo, as of midnight eve tonight PL will be reset by the HBC. These guys are still our friends but this is best for both parties.

Please do not be dumb in low sec with caps pl will kill you.

I love you Shadoo.

#### SENT BY Sort Dragon to All online hbc @ 2013-05-03 21:00:30 EVE Time ####


My two days of planning had been for naught if I couldn’t get this Titan kill in the next few hours. With one hour to go before the reset, I frantically messaged ranger64511, a TEST capital FC, trying to get him to form up anything to kill this Titan. Once again, it slipped through my fingers. Snowman sent me this:

[ 2013.05.03 22:49:36 ] snowman1 > [22:49:12] Torenc > i go to sleep

The Titan had gone to bed. Plan aborted.

I talked to ranger and he informed me he would look into doing it over the next week if I could give him as much information as possible. I went to bed.


So: I logged back into Targie after work around 22:00 EVE time, and the biggest blow to my plan had just been announced.

During TEST’s SotA, BoodaBooda had removed TEST from the HBC, effectively ending any chance of having TEST join in the slaughter of my innocent Titan. It seemed that the plan was going to have to be abandoned again. Thoroughly disappointed, I went to bed once more.

Hi, My name is Targie. I've done everything from High-sec wars, to Low sec Pirating; from Wormholes to 0.0 wars. I'm currently in TEST alliance, where I annoy my corp. mates with bad stories. Follow me on twitter . @TargieMcRed for article updates.