Holiday Perks in All your Favorite Games!

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is no slacker when it comes to organizing special events for its veritable legion of players. What makes it unique is that each region of World of Tanks (NA, EU, and RU) has their own team creating events specifically for that region. The North American events team is run by General_Direction and Major_Rampage, an enthusiastic duo who are quite active on the forums and have yet to suffer from the “GIFT” syndrome from such prolonged exposure to the community. However enthusiastic they are, Wargaming's NA events team has a bad habit of announcing events literally the day before they start, giving players hardly any time to prepare.

The first cycle of Wargaming’s Holiday events begins December 21st at 3:30 AM PST and lasts for 5 days, ending at 3:00AM PST on December 26th .  During this event, the following discounts are available:

  • 30% credit and gold discount on tank emblems
  • 50% gold discounts on Barracks
  • 90% discounts on Crew Renaming
  • 25% Discount on Camouflage
  • Full-year of premium for 21600 Gold, marked down from 24000
  • Half-year of premium for 12150 Gold, marked down from 13500

Several tanks will have credit income bonuses as well. At Tier 5, the American T1 Heavy, British Churchill I, French S-35CA, German Stug III and Russian T-34 will receive 70% credit bonuses. At Tier 7, the American T29, British Black Prince, French AMX AC mle 46, German Jadgpanther and Russian T-43 receive a 30% earnings bonus. Last but certainly not least, players will receive a 5x XP bonus for the first victory of the day in each tank (as opposed to the normal double). Be sure to run in platoons, as events like this always draw out those special players, which can make actually scoring a win with a group of randoms a painful experience.

This is only the first round of World of Tanks end of year festivals. Last year, Wargaming gave out a free low tier light tank to players, the Tetrarch. This year, the gift tank looks to be the American light tank T6E1, which is an upgrade version of the starter T1 Cunningham.

Happy Tanking everyone!

Mechwarrior Online

For their part, Mechwarrior Online developer PGI delivered "Patch-mas". This saw the introduction of Conquest Mode for all maps. For those unfamiliar, Conquest Mode is a point-capture mode. Stand your mech at a point to flip it, control points to run up the score, first to 750 wins. Or, at least, that's the theory. Mechs don't respawn in this mode, so matches often end just like normal battles, with one side reduced to a pile of smoking scrap.

Patch-Mas also saw a significant revamp to the economy. Repair and rearm are gone - what you earn is what you get. Trial mechs also now earn 100% C-Bills and Mech XP. Finally, a Cadet bonus has been added to players' first 25 matches, making it easier for a new player to buy their first mech. The formula guarantees that by the end of your first 25 matches, a newbie will have accumulated a little under 8 million C-Bills. For those veterans out there - Happy Holidays! You received your 8 million C-Bills as a lump sum!

Planetside 2

Wrapping up our trio of games is SOE's Planetside 2. For starters is a triple Station Cash deal on the 21st. SC cards are also tripled, so the best bang for your buck is to hit your local Walmart and pick up the cards there. The Walmart cards offer 1500 SC with a free 500 SC bonus; the bonus is tripled as well, giving you 6000 SC for just $15!

On top of that, Planetside 2 players get nearly two weeks of double XP, running from the 21st through January 2nd of 2013! This stacks with Boosts as well as membership to deliver a ridiculous rate of XP gain, so it's well worth spending some of your triple SC on an XP booster.

Last but not least, we've still got a few days left on the Twelve Days of Christmas promo, which has offered sales on items on a daily basis. If you missed them, the first six days were Apex helmets for each class, while day 7 and 8 offered 15% discounts on infantry and vehicle weapons respectively. A few days remain, and since we've already seen discounts on all infantry and vehicle weapons, the last few days promise to be something special.


And that's all, folks! Enjoy your gaming, whatever you may play. Just don't forget your families and loved ones to do so!

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