Heist! SMA Robbed for 600+ Billion

Today it was revealed that Alisonia, a high ranking logistics member of SpaceMonkey’s Alliance (SMA), stole over 440 billion ISK of assets from the alliance over the period of a year. Some estimates put the haul at over 600 billion ISK. This culminated today in a final haul worth over 200 billion ISK. The haul included 1.5 million units of technetium, nearly half a million units of neodymium, 1500+ BPOs/BPCs, assorted cap ships, and 35 billion ISK from the alliance wallet. If these figures are correct, this would make it one of the largest thefts in EVE’s history.

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The news first appeared when a pastebin was released by Alisonia explaining the theft and the reasons behind it:

Good Morning/ Good Evening .

You will more then likely find shortly that SMA has had a good chunk of its assets stolen as of this moment.

With that said I want to make one thing very clear, the website and the server have not been touched by me in anyway that would harm the server or the services running on the server. The server and sites are not part of the game and are someones REAL property not game property and I have done nothing to compromise or leak any personal information. I also did not go to NC., Nulli, PL or any one else to help or provide any server details logins or anything to anyone. I never EVER leaked one ounce of information to any alliances or entities at any point in my time with SMA. You can take that for what its worth however, again those items are not related to the game, therefore they do not fall under the free for all that is considered Eve Online and I would not harm (irl) personal property!!!

The game however, is a different story in fact this sort of thing is encouraged in Eve Online

The many many hours/days I spent moving ihubs, upgrades, 12 hours moving ice, towers and needless days spent on establishing SMA in branch and eve was real time spent setting up infrastructure. Many of you will attest the countless hours I spent on getting a new website up and all the other odds and ends I did time and time again. The was almost 2 years in the making and I spent many nights 10 -12 hours doing work for SMA and its member base.

You will also find no entity or Alliance/Coalition taking credit for this either. This was done alone single handed. In fact I had teased my brother about it but I dont think even he thought I would do it.

At some point I realize that my work meant nothing really and the work I had placed into the alliance/game had got me no where. Yeah, I was an alliance director(council) that was cool but I was spending needless hours on something that was pointing SMA into the direction of NOWHERE and along the way I was getting more bored with the monogamy of it all.

As of this moment in SMA it is a carebear alliance lead by a disorganized and afk leadership that can't name things let alone run an Alliance.

The corps are allowed to run basically around in circles till they do one of a couple things:

* Learn they can get away with about almost anything and carebear it up while the fresh blood and the older vested members keeping SMA looking good doing op grinds.

* Come in realize SMA is heading nowhere and leave (OBC, .D4RK, parts of K8B etc ...)

* Be listed as a tyrant and be basically pushed or kicked out (MPX, 0I)

These are a few of the many things I could list as to what went on.

Before the plan to take SMA for whatever I could came about, I worked as hard as I could to make everyone happy hoping in that the members would have fun and leadership would somehow change . The leadership MINUS a few officers (llama, Winet, Kujo,VK a couple more) and a couple council members are for the most part are an afk leadership. A leadership (council) that sits a far off trying to tell the officers who really run the alliance how to do things. All the while burning out and boring out ever one of them.

Anyway, a couple times I thought previous council members were going to get to the goods before I did, considering 5-6 members have left or been asked to leave. To name a few (FrFrmPukin,Sab,Cypher,Alljump,Xiao Rui and now me).

One did attempt to but failed due to mis-planning. (This is for You Baby!)

So after about a year and a half this idea came to me to steal as much in assets as I could. At first I only stole small amounts of assets to test the waters. Eventually leading to stealing Tech, capital ships and more. If I had to guess 200Bish since I started. I want to go through my logs and figure it maybe more. I mean why steal it in a bulk (one-time) when you can milk the cow . I eventually got bored of even this and decided as of last night to do what I had just joked about doing for a year.

Tonight I stole about 220B+ worth of assets, this on top of what I had already taken . The total comes to around 440B in assets.

Most of this was in tech that was being held by the alliance since OTEC forbids you selling it in large quantities. I also got a good bit of neo, BPO's and about 35B in actual isk. I could have more in assets however, I have yet to price researched BPOs and have yet to go through about 1500+ BPCs and BPOs. Ill try to get more official number at later time . I also took some video of the moving of the assets through the night and after I sift through about 40GB worth of video Ill upload it with a more official final number.

Ohh and sue me I cant spell and Im not a writer.


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