Hearthstone Open Beta Announced For Next Month

BlizzCon is traditionally full of announcements from Blizzard about their projects and plans for the future. After a year break, Blizzard returned to hosting the event and started off the weekend of presentations by discussing the well received Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.
To date the free-to-play game game was only available to those able to enter into the closed beta. During the opening presentation for BlizzCon, Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo announced that the open beta for Hearthstone would begin next month. However Pardo did say that "but in Blizzard language, that might mean January."
Along with the announcement Pardo also discussed the game's usability on tablets and how the touch-controlled version of the game runs quite well. Understanding that not everyone has a tablet to play their game, Blizzard unveiled their intent to release Hearthstone onto iOS as well as Android OS phones in the second half of 2014. Already announced for iPad, Mac & PC support, the addition of iOS & Android OS phones will expand the player market for the electronic card game.



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