HBC/CFC Drama: Leadership Crisis Resolved

Readers of this site will be well-acquainted with our coverage of the recent conflict between the HBC and the CFC; you can chart unfolding of the drama in chronological order: 

In the aftermath of the GSF CEO Update, it appeared that there was an inevitable onrush towards war. Representatives from PL and GSF (Shadoo, The Mittani, Mister Vee and Endie) conferred and settled upon a proposal involving a 'soft reset' instead of launching a bloc war. Shadoo posted his views on the conflict on the TEST forums: 


I'm going to keep this short, without the usual flurry of words and use an analogy I just used when talking about this with Walter Stine.

To me, Block on Block SOV wars are like women giving birth. You go through so much effort and shit that you swear to yourself and your partner in the thick of it all that you will NEVER do this again under any circumstances. Yet, 12 months after you're living on a high with a darling that can never do anything wrong, since they've stopped keeping you wake 21 hours of the day and have now settled to a routine and started to giggle. So you forget all the SHIT you had to go through, build this romantic picture of how rosy and great the whole thing was until you've convinced yourself you want another.

Queue 9 months on, and you're now faced with reality head on. And that shit isn't any prettier the second time around. In fact it's worse, because you KNOW when the worst part is still ahead of you and you know there's nothing you can do to avoid it.

This is the situation we find ourselves today. I think some of you are still living in a post-birth haze and have forgotten that the Block on Block war vs. the Southern Coalition WASN'T fun. And it WASN'T pretty. And it WASN'T exciting. It was shit. And the shit is still keeping you awake at night, occasionally demanding attention. Sure it's been named now DnD or whatever fuck they are -- but it's still same shit. And if you can get a moment of clarity to let yourself realize this, let me put this picture in your head too:

And if block wars are like giving birth to babies, then the SoCo war was a sleek little cute baby girl that kinda just slipped out of the uterus. Let there be no mistake -- the CFC war is a fucking turkey of a boy. It will RIP SHIT UP on the way out and sex just won't be the same afterwards. So here's a book on planned pregnancy, I'd urge you to read it and reconsider for a moment.

Or in EVE terms -- just realize that it's not possible to keep standings to an entity within a block, when the rest of your block does not share those standings. It's not worth it, I would argue it's not even possible. So just let it go. Reset the standings and have your fun. Kill the boat when he brings his fleet down to range and murder Vee when his sorry bunch of EGs comes around in their gimmick little frigs. But my god people, we JUST wrapped up the last war. Don't be in a hurry to start another one.

Embrace the chill and just shoot ships, not structures. That's my modest proposal v0v.

Oh, and since you all love logs so much -- here's a log from jabberlon5 when Elo Knight learned the EPIC WAR might not be starting after all: http://pastebin.com/b2zCpbwq

tl;dr: reset standings, shoot people, use condoms.

And if you're OK with that -- I have something little planned in a few months that'll cause 10-20k characters to converge in a single region to shoot spaceships in up to 1500 vs. 1500 style. Daily.

After this, something extremely unusual took place: what appears to be a public scuffle between Montolio, the leader of TEST, and Shadoo through the medium of broadcasts to the entire HBC.  

To clarify Shadoo's recent post - his opinion is that a reset and a relative peace is the best option.

I do not share these views. His post is not an announcement of new policy, just advice. Hawk and dove~

#### SENT BY Montolio to All online hbc @ 2013-01-23 00:04:37 EVE Time ####

Followed shortly by the following: 

(12:22:29 AM) montolio@pleaseignore.com/home: The HBC wants a war 

(7:24:13 PM) shadoo@pandemic.pleaseignore.com/39000937701358832154851473: this is not true

 Spam your fucking channels with what you want. Command, general, zulu - wherever the fuck you are. 


#### SENT BY Montolio to All online hbc @ 2013-01-23 00:24:56 EVE Time ####

The ensuing chaos proved that the HBC line members had mixed opinions about the wisdom of contradicting Shadoo and going to full-scale war. 

Montolio then broadcasted the following: 

I concede. 

Shadoo has talked me off of the ledge, I have released the hostage and dropped my knife. After discussing this with other HBC leaders a reset and expanded NIP / OTEC agreement is the best path forward. It isn't what I want, but it is what you want. I want war. I want gigantic fucking battles. I want to crash nodes because people are so fucking interested in this shitty game.

Shadoo has promised to give me what I want without the nastyness of sov grinds. 

#### SENT BY Montolio to All online hbc @ 2013-01-23 00:55:11 EVE Time ####

He then apparently went on holiday for a week:

Montolio's taking a few days off because he's going to the motherfuckin Catalina Whine Mixer.

Fras Siabi is in charge for probably like a week.






#### SENT BY BoodaBooda to All online hbc @ 2013-01-23 02:35:31 EVE Time ####

Fras Siabi has begun reaching out to allies, introducing himself and making leadership changes within TEST; tensions between the CFC and HBC seem to have dissipated substantially. 


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