HBC Drama: HBC Temp Resets PL

Where does this current sprawl of drama begin?  It stretches months back and is mostly lost in the haze of memory.  Some hard feelings developed within TEST over the months after the invasion of Delve, and now have spread between people on the director level.  From issues as innocuous as jabber ping rights to moon distribution, drama was set in motion.  Montolio stepped down and leadership was reworked at the height of the internal conflict.  Shortly after, NORK announced their intention to leave TEST, and several other individuals began joining NORK on their way out the door.  One of these was Madlof Chev.

Dysphonia Fera began heavily trolling the TEST forums, which annoyed some people, and shouldn't have happened as he was neutral at this point, but TEST leadership hadn't found all of his alts yet.  He was banned from the forums, as he should have lost access by this point anyway.  Madlof Chev, a friend of Dysphonia, still had an alt in Dreddit after joining NORK.  He gave Dysphonia the API for the alt, allowing him to re-apply for forums access.  Dysphonia gained access once more, with the alt's name, and continued his posting.  This led to both individuals (Dysphonia Fera and Madlof Chev) getting black listed, as sharing APIs to get around bans or read onlies has always been a blacklistable offense in TEST.

Meanwhile, the bulk of NORK was in the Caldari Militia, attempting to shoot off-grid boosted Atrons.  NORK had been cleared to merge into SNIGG and assured its members everything would be fine despite all the trouble that had happened.  On 4/8/2013, NORK began merging into the SNIGG.  Madlof went to Victor (a TEST diplo) to get the black list removed.

[22:01:43] Madlof Chev > hi~
[22:01:47] Viktor Villiance > helo
[22:01:49] Madlof Chev > i have a blacklist entry
[22:02:03] Viktor Villiance > neato
[22:02:08] Madlof Chev > and seeing as i'm blue again
[22:02:15] Madlof Chev > it'd be cool if it could get removed
At this point the drama began erupting once more.
[22:28:47] Viktor Villiance > so, sounds like you made your bed and now you have to lie in it for a while
[22:29:22] Madlof Chev > v0v it's not the end of the world for me
[22:29:33] Viktor Villiance > sucks, but suddenly joining the new Am0k. isn't going to make up for previous wrongs without at least some indication that time has passed and mistakes were learnt from
Grath Telkin contacted the TEST admins and asked for an explanation.  The initial answer was that Dysphonia and Madlof were Pizza alts.  Grath, having just looked through everyone's full legacy APIs in detail, took issue with the veracity of this claim and the TEST admins backed off that explanation.  Four more excuses(including that they were blacklisted for trolling) were given before he was told simply that Dysphonia and Madlof had ruffled feathers and were not welcome on TEST forums, comms, and jabber ever again.
Grath didn't accept this rather weak response.  When had trolling been grounds for black listing?  In the HBC?  In TEST?  If this was the case, everyone would be banned.  He relayed the conversation to the rest of Sniggerdly, including the freshly minted, former NORK members.  They did not take it well.  Richter semi-jokingly requested the right to "shoot blues" and Grath responded that anyone who wanted to shoot TEST carebears right now would not get in trouble.
Richter quickly formed a bomber fleet and caught and killed two ratters, a Tengu and an Oracle.  There was an immediate response.  Sort Dragon, leader of the HBC and a member of PL, quickly pinged HBC jabber with the following:

Until order can be restored to the relationship between the hbc and PL.

Ie shadoo gets online.

Pandemic Legion is now reset by Honeybadger Coalition.

Stay safe guys until your diplos can sort it.

Diplos do your thing

#### SENT BY Sort Dragon to All online hbc @ 2013-04-09 00:08:27 EVE Time ####

Grath responded that his letter of marque had ended and the bomber gang would stop shooting blues.  Unfortunately, the situation continued to escalate.  Sperg Squad was on the hunt and rather than limiting the targets to PL, who were neutral at this point, they attacked a member of Sort Dragon's alt corp, killing a Tengu.
All hell broke loose.  Grath was irate.  Elise was laughing his ass off.  Sort was desperately trying to smooth things over.


Fyi friends those of you going around killing Mistakes Were Made ships

That's my personal alliance I use to help get ships to test free. It has no link to pl other then a few members in there helping me.

Commissar them you commissar me. Just fyi.


#### SENT BY Sort Dragon to All online hbc @ 2013-04-09 00:49:24 EVE Time ####

The ping was ignored by some individuals who continued shooting, necessitating a further ping:


#### SENT BY Fras Siabi to All online test/dawww

At this point, diplomats were frantically trying to sort everything out, while members of Goonswarm were reading/listening to the drama unfold.  Incidentally, these pings were given to me by a member of Goonswarm (as I had not yet applied to get TEST auth back).   Eventually the situation was smoothed out and people stopped shooting blues.

However, as of the writing of this article, TEST and PL remain neutral to each other.  Despite that, members of PL and TEST are laughing about it all on the comms they share while those further up the totem pole try to sort everything out.  By all indications, this is nothing more than a hiccup as the coalition transitions.

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.