HBC Announces Invasion of Esoteria

Montolio, leader of TEST and the HBC, recently announced initial plans to invade Esoteria, citing violations in agreements established between the HBC and residents of Esoteria. The announcement covers strategic goals and motivations for invading, as well as WALLTREIPERS ALLIANCE switching sides to hold space in Esoteria.

The news and plans for the invasion, as well as some strategic objectives and alliances to take Esoteria should it be conquered, were detailed in a TEST alliance news post, a public area of their forums:

Hello friends!

I am declaring holy war on all residents of Esoteria, too long have they violated agreements with the HBC and pinged at the sovereignty of our allies. It is time for them to suffer the consequences of living in the era before coalitions without adaptation to new circumstances.

I want C9N-CC to be in TEST hands before the end of November. If we can accomplish this I will be waving all PACs fees for December and declaring a Dreddit tax holiday for one weekend in December. I will be requesting other corporations in TEST to provide this opportunity as well.

In Esoteria we will be (hopefully) installing two allies: WALLTREIPERS ALLIANCE & Out of Sight.

Both of these alliances are incredibly scrapper [sic] and resourceful, hitting well beyond what the membership number on dotlan would lead you to believe. Out of Sight has been a long time HBC affiliate, but a recent HBC full member. They've been brawling deep in enemy lines this entire war. WALLT was the #1 defender of Delve and the biggest pain in our ass for the entire assault of the original D/Q/P campaign.

I look forward to working with them both on this initiative.

The news post can be found on TEST's public announcements forum.

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