Gypsy Band Strike Again in K-6SNI

[12:15:14] Gypsy Band Bomber FC > if your web vulture now we can kill all[12:15:40] Dark Razer > done[12:17:22] Gypsy Band Bomber FC > and finish
Avatar, it was scorch bombs, not electron bombs.

Yet again, Technetium provided the excuse for another hard-fought, Anzac Timezone engagement in the North yesterday, this time in the system of K-6SNI, currently owned by NCdot allies The Methodical Alliance, whose space has been the setting for a series of fights over the last ten days or so.

NCdot provided the bulk of the numbers from their side, with contingents from Nulli Secunda and, vitally, Gypsy Band providing backup, as well as the usual long tail of ones and twos from less recognisable regional occupants.  They brought around 125 in total, mainly in a Zealot-heavy AHAC doctrine backed up with Oneiroses.  Gypsy Band, of course, brought bombers.

Facing them were nearly 175 CFC members, mainly in Drakes, led by downtime stalwart Tradik. Fleet member Syndic Thrass recounted what happened:

"The AHACs cynoed in at 250km with about 3 minutes left on the reinforce timer. Drakes loaded explosive missiles and started burning through Oneiros while trying to pull range. We put down 10-15 Oneiros and at some point NCdot escalated and triage Archons came onto grid.

"A novel addition was a Tempest which had apparently been trying to firewall (fairly ineffectively, we were volleying targets but it did enable one or two to catch reps).

"We finished Oneiroses and started working on Zealots, missing a few volleys here and there but things were still dying quickly. After half a dozen Zealots went down, we were at over 70km from the Zealots. We turned around and started back toward them but we ventured a bit too close and our anchor got pointed and webbed and the fleet slowed to 150m/s."

Bombs Away

At this point, things turned more than a little ugly for the CFC forces.  Gypsy Band's bomber FC had called for the anchor to be webbed for a good reason: he had a bombing run set up, and had promised that if the anchor was webbed, the fleet would be killed.  This turned out to be only slight exaggeration.

An attempt to re-anchor failed to work in time: Gypsy Band bombers then released a sequenced attack of void bombs (to turn off tanks) followed by electron bombs.  You can see the results from the attached killboard results, but the effect was to turn the engagement decisively.

Syndic Thrass summarises the results:

"NC. dropped repping carriers as we were leaving system and presumably will rep their tower back up. We didn't get our strategic objective but we had a good fight. A good job to Gypsy Band for those superb bombing runs."

Killboard Links

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