GSF January Diplomatic Update

Are there any news on the TEST stuff? What's going on there?
As someone that lives in the East and sees CFC roams from time to time, I'm glad I won't have to think about potential sov-losses from the lords of the North.
"When it comes to politics, w-space mostly resembles the old Providence fight club model, with all the corps and alliances happily shooting each other in the face but teaming together whenever a (usually) nullsec alliance tries to make a move into w-space. [...] Wormhole corps don’t give a shit about politics outside of w-space, much like how we don’t give a shit about them."Truer words were never spoken.
Yup.. Don't care about w-space politics at all, this is why we write essays about them..
Didn't the -A- guy who got banned for RMT get all his stuff back and a truck load of 'We're sorry' plex from CCP after it turned out he wasn't RMTing but just buying lots of plexs from ... erm.... CCP?
"As always, violations of these helpful guidelines will be met with equally helpful punishments."Are you understand my slave? LMAO
HBC is mentioned numerous times, TEST = HBC
Sup slave meet ironic posting and sarcasm, ironic posting and sarcasm meet sup slave
I meant the TEST/FA thingy...
I miss the 2007 map. Targets Fucking Everywhere, no fifty jump trips for fights no matter where you lived
Confirming we W-Space dwellers couldn't care less about your 'politics'.
No because nothing is happening. FA are being buttmad and making up crap, and everyone else just stands around laughing at them.
I hadn't heard this.. this out somewhere or just heard from the guy himself?
Which is a refreshing change of pace from everyone consistently laughing at TEST I suppose.
Apprantly so, CCP don't comment on bans blah blah blah
Bring back Endie.
Tell us more about being autistic
So when are we going to war with TEST???? there is no else left to fight.....
Confirming FCON diplos failed in this spoil pretty hard.
"Nothing" is happening. Of course. Very clear. Thank you.
do I smell a hint of jealousy
Dude it's a great thing you have that bee avatar and SA on your name otherwise I literally would have never known you're from a forum that charges real money to post
"Enraged Russians". Has a nice ring to it. I have good friends in a WH-based coalition who was wardecced by russians. The russians killed their highsec POS totally off and in response the coalition invated their home wormhole and put an end to their poses and several of their capitals, inflicting over 70B isk of damage to them. I guess my point is that enraging russians is unavoidable at times - as long as they get what they ask by spilling first blood.
I'm actually the person who requested a wormhole update insert be added. I was the "project manager" for this.
Not really.
Even the largest bear is afraid of ze Russians!

(Editor's Note: This is a document prepared for GSF members and intended for an internal audience; it will, like all alliance updates, seem to be a piece of propaganda to outsiders and should be viewed in that light. Goonswarm's Corps Diplomatique is GSF's diplomatic organization, and this is an official publication of that group.)

It's been a busy few months for everyone in the CFC. Corps Diplomatique suffered a catastrophic blow in September when our founder, mentor and friend Sean "Vile Rat" Smith was tragically killed. Since then, people from all across EVE (and a good few beyond) have stepped up to do their level best to help Sean's family with a wildly successful donation drive and a similarly generous (and totally unexpected) outpouring of support for Heather, Samantha and Nathan. It's meant a lot to those of us that worked closely with Sean in CD to see everyone step up in such a fantastic way. I won't lie-- CD took a beating this fall and it's been a long path towards recovery, but recover we did.

On a happier note, we are the Lords of the North; Our coalition doth bestride the narrow world like a colossus, while lesser men walk under its huge legs and peep about to find themselves dishonourable graves. This is the result of an enormous amount of work on the part of virtually everyone in the CFC from the lowliest line members in tackling frigates to the FCs ordering them to fiery deaths. Our Logistics people across the coalition deserve a real round of applause for their deft handling of an absolutely staggering number of sovereignty and moon transfers, and their ongoing maintenance as well.

At the beginning of November, Sion Kumitomo went on a month long vacation and I wound up in charge of CD for a little while-- right in the middle of spoils distribution, which I typically do not get involved with. That being said, I'd like to take a moment to thank the Diplomats of CD for hammering through the last of the spoils divisions just as guns fell silent in Vale. Seriously, this latest (and hopefully last) round of distributions was the single most massive ever attempted in the history of our coalition, and very likely the game, with an absolutely colossal number of systems and tech moons changing hands. So Draghkar, Cindare, and Kaleb Rysode thank you for a week and a half of non-stop work to ram the spoils plan out. Kazanir also deserves special thanks too for his invaluable auditing skills, and finally many thanks to the Recon crowd for their fact checking skills. Mercifully, Sion returned in mid-December and all is right with the world once again.

This diplomatic update is the result of quite a bit of work on the part of many diplomats. We've eschewed the usual who's who of the CFC, because honestly there is only so many ways to say "rich and smug as fuck," in favour of a review of some of our member corporations and a look outwards to some of the hot spots in New Eden. This update is the work of PowersSA, Sara Rae, Maris E'Lien, Aldani Toralen, Meltmind2, Yagrum, Lyra al'Kher and Lri Heaviside. Oh, and Pirokobo created a truly awful header image for this post which we elected not to use because it combined lolcats with the "All your base..." meme and it made my eyeballs gush blood. So thank you for that too.


Red Alliance, Gypsy Band, and a host of other small alliances in the East are fighting Solar Fleet for control of Insmother, RA’s homeland, and Scalding Pass. Gypsy started out as the leader of this rag-tag Band of Beggars “coalition” made up of alliances that otherwise shoot each other except when there is a combined effort against SOLAR. However, lately Gypsy has been suffering from burnout and FC/leadership vacations. RA has recruited nync to FC their fleets and NCdot has grabbed some space nearby and are fighting alongside them. PL and Test have been occasionally dropping in on fights between these entities, having camped -A- for as long as they can stand. SOLAR has enlisted Black Legion to help them hold the region, and have been doing well on defense as combined fleet doctrines and comms have been lacking for the Beggars. But SOLAR has been unwilling or unable to field supers in most engagements with the combined threat of a counter-drop from PL/Raiden/NCdot/RA.


N3 Coalition

N3 is in large part composed of Nulli Secunda and its renters/allies. They are comprised of Nulli Legio, Nulli Secunda, Nulli Tertius, Corium Fission, Northern Coalition., Echoes of Nowhere, HUN Reloaded, Pangu Coalition, Cult of War, The Kadeshi, Mildly Intoxicated, Mildly Sober, and Nexus Fleet.

Currently N3 is now operating out of the greater Immensea/Tenerifis area. They are working very closely with the NCC and the Gypsy coalition currently in the fight against Solar Fleet. In terms of territory the coalition holds Omist, Tenerifis, Immensea, and lesser parts of Catch and southern Detorid. N3 does casually fight everyone around them, however the NCC holds perma blue status currently with N3. N3's immediate goals are to finish taking sov and then switch to combat deployments in an undisclosed location. In terms of ships they like Rokhs and Slowcats.

As far as long-term plans, N3 seems to have taken the regions that it did due to bad blood with AAA; that seems to be the understanding of those who live down there (i.e. HBC/NCC/N3). Long term, it will end up leading to a south with three individual power blocks who choose to either shoot each other or pos up; it seems large scale sov taking is not anticipated in the near future.


Following Ev0ke's sale of technetium moons in Vale of the Silent to the CFC for 250 billion ISK membership in the flagging alliance skyrocketed, more than doubling in the space of a week. In an attempt to reestablish themselves as players in this game of space-Risk they set themselves up in Syndicate, basing out of FD-, and began to reinforce Black Omega Security POSes. With the sov grind in the North coming to an end, two CFC squads (Space Violence and European Goonion) deployed down to Syndicate to see if they could pry some gudfites™ out of ev0ke and declare themselves the Best Squads Ever.

Yet Ev0ke showed little interest in fighting the combined might of these two most valiant squadrons. During the first week of the joint squad deployment to Syndicate, Ev0ke evacced their supers and subcaps out of FD-. What little they had managed to muster as they attempted to clamber back into the light of relevance was served back to them freshly gutted and steaming. In the wake of many significant Ev0ke defeats a massive internal shitstorm ensued, the likes of which can only be found on Kugutsumen.

Thanks to the hard work (and boredom) of our CFC members the morale of Ev0ke's membership is crushed, and the once-powerful alliance has begun hemorrhaging corporations at an alarming rate. Many of these are PvP corps, and one (G.I.S) contains one of Ev0ke's primary FCs; what remains is an assortment of alts and carebears. As a result, their entire force has pulled back to Placid, and their current staging system is Oulley.

What started out as a nice adventure for Ev0ke - mopping up the neighborhood in Syndicate - might well end in the final destruction of one of the most storied alliances in EVE.

The South: A Tapestry of Colors

The Southern Coalition, centered around Against ALL Authorities, has held dominion over the lowest parts of the map ever since the Great War. At one point, -A- enjoyed a fearsome reputation and the very mention of its involvement could radically change the outcomes of conflicts. Unfortunately for -A-, 2007 was a very long time ago in EVE terms. Their fiefdom is a war-torn, lifeless, and terrible place, it was the realm of those incapable of taking better space, dwelling where nobody chose to compete. A briefglance at a timeline of the Verite maps shows that -A- has held, more or less, the same territory for most of the last decade. That all ended in October.

Following a brief holding action, the Southern Coalition fractured and ceased to exist as a political entity in EVE. After RED.Overlord deployed in support of -A- against the HBC, the -A- leadership abandoned them to an HBC-led rebellion, throwing the deep south, from Impass to Omist, into chaos. Receiving HBC support, the rebelling factions united under the Unclaimed. banner and began routing ROL forces across Feythabolis. RED.Overlord is now relegated to the deepest parts of the south, penned up in Omist as the rebels reign sovereign over their former territory.

After abandoning their Russian allies to the HBC coup and headshot, what few friends -A- had left departed them. Non-Invasion Pacts went up in smoke as the south turned into a dog-eat-dog contest where the only sure thing was the slow onslaught of TEST-allied forces. With HBC supercapitals penetrating deep into -A- territory, the alliance fell back on its old tactic of retreating to NPC Stain. A disorganized retreat turned into a full rout when -A- had to cancel CTAs due to the banning of -A- strategic assets for real-money-trading.

Now deploying in support of SOLAR, -A- spends most of their time losing titans to Pandemic Legion hot drops that follow their every move.

With HBC forces mopping up the remains of the Southern Coalition, our brothers from TEST have turned their eyes towards the Stain Alliances, quickly removing them and installing HBC allies Zombie Ninja Space Bears and WALLTREIPERS ALLIANCE into Esoteria and Paragon Soul. Not all of their allies may be ready for sovereignty, however, as ZN-SB has already suffered a large awoxing incident, losing nearly twenty systems and half of their membership.

This is not the only incident suffered by the new coalition’s young alliances. Tribal Band has experiences tremendous internal instability, with the tell-tale fail cascade slope forming on DOTLAN by the exodus of pilots and corporations leaving in droves. While that slope seems to have leveled off of late, the recent theft of forty-four billion isk in assets has also stressed the new state. An infusion of isk from the HBC, along with a consolidation of their directorate has saved TRIBE for now, the young alliance is currently standing on its own legs, even if they are shaky ones.

Having consolidated their hold over SoCo space, the HBC is now consolidating its borders, much as we are in the north. Their torpor may be short lived with -A- fleets in small resurgence and now making half-hearted attempts at taking back lost territory.


Wormhole space is the third major region in the game, besides empire and null, and it’s a very different place. Local is delayed, all exits out of a system have to be scanned down (you can’t light cynos), and everyone has to live out of a POS.

There are six classes of w-space systems, rated for their difficulty and mass restrictions on their connecting wormholes. C1 systems are the easiest, you can run the sites in there with a battlecruiser or a couple of t1 cruisers. C6 systems are the hardest, to get a site done you need multiple carriers and dreads, and you can lose them pretty easily if you fuck something up. The isk you get out of a wormhole site scales as well with the difficulty, a C1 anom will give you less isk/hour than a forlorn hub for more effort, while if you farm a C6 the right way you can get several billion isk under an hour. Because of how wormhole sites are run, almost all site running ships double as pvp ships as well.

The C1 to C4 regions are basically the slums of w-space, the isk isn’t great so most corps and alliances that live there are either carebears, casuals, or both. The C5 and C6 regions are where all the big boys live, and here is where all the interesting stuff happens. The corps and alliances living here are almost always filthy rich thanks to all the capital escalations and that shows in their ships. They typically fly armor ships, usually pimped out T3s, Bhaalgorns and Vindicators, supported by either Guardians and a Dread, or a triage Archon. These fleets usually aren’t bigger then 20 ships, but they can cost as much as a full Drakefleet.

PVP in w-space is different from pvp in nullsec. Because of the delayed local and dynamic wormhole spawns, you can stalk a potential prey for hours without them ever knowing you’re there. As a result, most kills in w-space come from one party catching the other one by surprise, usually when the latter is running sites.

Fleet vs fleet fights in w-space don’t happen very often, and when they do there usually aren’t more than 30 people involved. However, every so often when a notable w-space entity gets invaded by another one, other corps and alliances team up with one of the sides, resulting in an extremely expensive slugfest like this one.

When it comes to politics, w-space mostly resembles the old Providence fight club model, with all the corps and alliances happily shooting each other in the face but teaming together whenever a (usually) nullsec alliance tries to make a move into w-space. There aren’t any real grudges in w-space, the biggest one was between Aperture Harmonics (AHARM) and Rooks & Kings with repeated eviction attempts and an insane amount of shitposting and sperg going on for years. Wormhole corps don’t give a shit about politics outside of w-space, much like how we don’t give a shit about them. When they get an exit into nullsec they mostly just roam around killing ratters and other dumb people; they’re not going to show for timers to shoot structures.


The East and You

With our dominion over the North becoming absolute, an increasing number of Goons are finding themselves looking Eastward in search of the increasingly rare “people we have not already murdered”. While this in and of itself is a laudable goal, we would very much prefer not to become embroiled in an Eternal Hell War with enraged Russians – history has shown this does not typically end well. To that end, we, the ever-caring folks of Corps Diplomatique, have drafted a few simple guidelines to minimize the chances of becoming locked in the prior mentioned Hell War:

  • Stay the fuck out of the existing conflicts in the region. If Solar and whatever the fuck the Gypsy Coalition is currently calling itself are fighting over a strategic objective, avoid “supporting” one side by only shooting the other. Either shoot everyone like a True Goon or keep the fuck out.
  • We don’t want sov. If you drop SBUs to try and force a fight, GSOL may personally kill you, lest we end up with more “accidental sov”. Do not SBU ANYTHING in the East without the expressed permission of a Diplomatic Director or Mittani himself.
  • Don’t shoot structures. We’ve shot enough of these over the past 6 months and no matter how much Boat demands we shoot some towers, ignore anything at all relating to system infrastructure.

As always, violations of these helpful guidelines will be met with equally helpful punishments.


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