GSF CEO Update: Victory in Fountain

(Editor's Note: Alliance Updates are aimed at internal audiences and usually are considered the gospel truth by their membership but vile propaganda by everybody else. You should definitely know this by now. This is a GSF CEO Update from The Mittani.)

CEO Update: Hi5s All Around & Standing Orders

So: through a tremendous effort across the entire coalition, we have achieved victory in Fountain, spitting in the eye of the legions of enemies and critics who insisted that we could not and would never succeed, that we had bitten off more than we could chew, that the CFC could not win against a foe who outnumbered them. All wrong: Fountain is ours. 

Great fucking work. Everyone busted their ass across the coalition - FCs, Logi, Diplos, Line Members, Spies, Scouts, Cap Jocks: ballers all.

You have two weeks off. You can spend those two weeks dicking around NPC Delve making TEST miserable with squad deployments, with Blackops, or just toodling around yourself. You can spend those two weeks enjoying Fountain, which is FFA ratting and mining for the entire CFC. If you need to leave 4-EP, leave a jump clone and a Baltecfleet ship in 4-EP, this goes for everyone in the CFC. Operations will still continue out of 4-EP as we pacify the region; N3 and NCdot are remaining in Hophib for now, so we can't let our guard down entirely. But this war is won and everyone knows it. 

In two weeks much of Fountain will be ticking over to sov2 (yay, beacons!) and then sov3 (yay, bridges!); we will need to hold and maintain the region, install a bridge network, and generally make the place habitable. Once the period of rest and relaxation is over, we're likely to go shit in someone's cheerios for fun with more pointed squad deployments.

The TEST Question

TEST is a mess, but it's a mess of their own making. Their leadership has set up some kind of a circular firing squad where they either blame one another, jump ship to Pandemic Legion, or join Pizza and steal or Awox everything not nailed down. It seems like every one of TEST's so-called allies is sucking talent out of that alliance like a particularly delicious milkshake, leaving a withered and poorly-washed husk of ex-Atlas and ex-AAA dregs behind. TEST's allies in Renegade Council [RIOT] have joined sides against TEST with Pizza Confederation, who own the lion's share of moons in Delve. Tribal Band, TEST's other remaining close ally, is looking shiftily towards the exits, thinking about moving to the Southeast and quietly acting like that whole 6VDT thing didn't happen. Nulli Secunda has given shelter to Aerallo, who loudly ditched TEST in a huff after even their members got sick of broadcasts announcing that the CFC was 'scared' of TEST. 

We are not rushing to invade Delve or anything silly like that. Such a move would give TEST an opportunity to rally and unite against an external threat, as well as give NCdot hope that they might win a war against us, instead of having just lost their third war against the CFC in a row. You're welcome to go to Delve and run around pooping on things, since everyone else in the galaxy is circling that place like a red-eyed vulture with the munchies. 

Training: Of Dreadnoughts and Drones

Dreads: If you can fly a carrier, you should be crosstraining to Dreadnoughts - NOT a Phoenix. The Fountain War taught us the joy of dropping massed blap dreads on the target, and the even greater joy of seeing NCdot and N3 supercaps hiding away when we bring out a blob of 150+ dreads. The counter to our foes who try to blob supers is for us to blob dreads; we have more people, we have more dreads, and we can afford to be very aggressive indeed with them. Due to the skill requirement changes in Odyssey you don't need Battleship 5 anymore, so get your not-Phoenix dread trained. We've been running at least one dread op a day for weeks now, often more than one, so they will not gather dust. 

(Sentry) Drones: We have fought drone assist doctrines for the entirety of the Fountain War. Slowcats, Dominixes, Gilas, Prophecies: all died before us. However, our FCs despise this game mechanic. While our CSM advocates have complained about this laughable bit of game design ('assign drones to FC, go afk and look at porn') we have been victims of our own success; it is hard to convince CCP that drone assist should be altered to remove the capability from sentry drones from atop a throne made out of the wrecks of thousands and thousands of dead hostile drone assist ships. 

Everyone here can already fly Gallente Battleships, many of you can fly Gallente HACs. We're not officially announcing a new drone assist doctrine yet, but I ~highly encourage~ you to be able to use T2 Sentry Drones (ie, train sentries to five). Not only will this make our Baltecfleets more powerful - as Megathrons rock a sturdy drone bay which includes a pair of Gardes - it will allow us to engage in the time-honored Goonswarm tradition of forcing CCP to come to terms with something being overpowered by proving, the hard way, that it is Dumb And Bad. We're going to run this shit straight into the ground, since N3 and TEST failed so badly to make the point for us. 

Standing Orders

We're relaxing for two weeks. Ops remain based out of 4-EP but the op tempo will slow down. Expect CFC allies to go various places: some will stay in Fountain, some will head back North. Train for Dreads (the Phoenix is not a dread), be able to use T2 Sentries. 

GSF will remain in 4-EP for now. 


I expect our enemies to strive for relevance and fuck with us in Fountain periodically, which is why you need the jumpclone + fleet ship ready. 

Suggested Vacation Funtimes: 

  • Enjoy ratting and mining in our new region!
  • Go to NPC Delve and Kill TEST! 
  • Smoke Weed! 
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