GSF CEO Update: Space Communism Gone Wild

(Editor's Obligatory Note: Alliance updates are intended for internal audiences and should be interpreted as propaganda rather than news. One of these days I'm going to stop bothering with these disclaimers on alliance updates because they strike me as a concession to the foolish and the thinskinned, as well as to just see if anyone ever reads them. I mean really, this is Eve Online, you should know better by now.) 

The galaxy is a hostile place for Goonswarm, now more so than ever. We have succeeded for too long, and displaced enough entities out of the Northwest that we have now built up a sizable list of intractable enemies: NCdot, Raiden, Black Legion, and 401K. It is true that Against All Authorities, White Noise and Ev0ke are dead, but their cascades have mostly just reinforced our foes. 

So while in the short term we may seem at peace, the brutal lessons of Asakai and the manifold failures displayed there prove that we must begin laying in serious plans for defense in a worst case scenario. That means many things: ensuring that our doctrines are clearly understood and that everyone has the appropriate warships in VFK, purging membercorps which have gone astray, and spending hundreds of billions of alliance isk giving everyone a Boot carrier. For free. 


A Boot in Every Hangar: The 2013 Carrier Giveaway

When we first introduced Alphafleet more than two years ago, Space Communism was in its infancy. We had paltry reserves of isk, but the entire point of my administration has been to pipe our collective income back to the line member, and so we incentivized the training of Maelstorms by giving battleships away like candy to anyone who could fly one. This massive intervention allowed us to develop one of the tightest and most enduring fleet doctrines in Eve history. 

In 2013, I stare at our alliance wallet and I feel a twinge of guilt. My finance team always argues for a bigger war-chest, but mostly I see trillions of isk sitting there when I could be giving it away to you. So: we are going to expand upon the carrier skillbook subsidies announced earlier this month and begin literally giving away carriers to those who qualify to fly them, yet cannot afford to buy them for whatever reason.

There are a number of reasons for this. Nothing gets goons to train for a ship quite like a giveaway, and having line members rush towards Capswarm en masse lays the foundation for not only a defensive Boot fleet in the short term, but for offensive crosstraining to Dreads down the line. Boots are not only a shitload of fun, but if everyone in the alliance ends up with a boot, we can project power across the galaxy by using them as fleet deployment ships as well as mobile conveyors of unstoppable drone-death. The only counter known to massed boots is a supercap drop; more boots = more supercap fights. 

Aryth posted a poll which demonstrated that there are literally hundreds of you ready to fly Carriers, but lacking either key skillbooks (covered now by the subsidy) or raw isk. Let's fix it. 

A carrier runs the alliance about 1.7b. I hope that hundreds of you demonstrate that you can fly a Boot carrier and have the killboard records to prove that you are not useless, such that we can drain vast sums out of the alliance wallet showering you with the fruits of Space Communism. 


Galactic Politics Update

But Mittens, you say, why the defensive preparation for war? Why all this talk of hostile blocs, of massing carriers defensively - perhaps you have smoked too much weed, or watched too much Doomsday Preppers? I may have indeed smoked too much and watched a few episodes of the aforementioned show, yes, possibly simultaneously. Yet the game is currently in a state of dangerous flux. Let me show you:

FAZOR + SOLAR vs N3/RA/PL: In the northeast, N3 and RA have begun taking SOLAR space at an alarming rate. Our allies FA and RAZOR (now abbreviated Fazor) have gone to help SOLAR, not so much because of an enduring love of the Drone Regions but because N3 and RA being unchecked by MACTEP leaves them free to come after us. Unfortunately, SOLAR hasn't been using jammers, and the lurking PL supercapital fleet has meant that the campaign is one of slow loss, blueballs, and shedding territory.  

BL + DOD vs HBC/PL: In the Southwest, Black Legion has moved into the heart of HBC territory and has been actively sieging neo moons and CSAAs. This is notable because it is the first time a 'real' alliance with an actual capfleet has harassed TEST, unlike 'Fountain Resident' trash like PIZZA or G0dfathers. Meanwhile, the RUSRUS alliance Darkness of Despair has commenced strategic operations in the Southeast basing out of Stain. PL is mostly based in Uemon, but Wrik Hoover is managing the local HBC defenses with additional help from the PL main fleet when opportunities present. 

XIX vs BRICK vs East Vale: Legion of Death has outgrown the couch we offered them after their loss to SOLAR and has begun attacking Brick Squad space in Geminate. Meanwhile at least one Brick FC has begun attacking Vale assets which once belonged to the now-evacuating Convicted, which means that we, GENTS, or XIX will be on the hook to do some cleanup. 

401K vs SMA/FCON: Out of Venal, 401K has been harassing SMA; SMA is having some trouble because the three brothers who run the alliance have recently started a business. This isn't serious besides the odd moon timer or harassment SBU, but it's something on the threat board. FCON has been helping SMA. 

Squad Shenanigans in the Southwest: Meanwhile, hordes of goons are taking advantage of the soft reset with TEST to muck about with EG, Topgoon, Space Violence, Delvegoons Blackops et al and futz around Delve NPC space. Nothing 'strategic' is happening there, but there's an awful lot of blood being shed


Prepare for War: TFI

In addition to the push to get everyone possible into a Boot, do not forget Techfleet. There are Tempest Fleet Issues up on alliance contract in VFK, and you should endeavor to get one if you do not have one yet. Techfleet is a ton of fun, and we haven't had a chance to really use them yet, but part of that problem is that a Techfleet won't undock unless it has enough core battleships. 


Coalition Reshuffling: AIF and Nursery

There are two basic rules for being a CFC alliance: you must participate in strategic ops (and participation determines rewards for space and moons) and you cannot have a catastrophic leadership implosion. Recently we have had to ask Convicted [AIF] to leave the coalition for the latter reason. Just like Black Mark almost a year ago, Convicted shed almost 40% of its corporations inside of a few weeks due to an internal crisis of confidence. This is unfortunate, and a lot of AIF members are quite bitter about the situation, either blaming us, their leadership, or the corps which fled AIF. However, sov is being handed over in an orderly manner and we should avoid as much acrimony as possible. 

Meanwhile, we are initiating a program to allow newer alliances access to the CFC if they find cultural commonality with us, a 'nursery program' that Corps Diplo is spearheading. This must be done with great care; one of the many reasons why the NC fell was their rules which allowed any NC alliance to invite three other alliances into the coalition, clogging the North with useless carebears. We do not do things that way: any alliance admitted to the CFC will understand our focus on both offensive war and metrics to prove collective effort.

Goonswarm Federation CEO, Space Tyrant. Likes yoga, Alaskan Malamutes, bacon, and delegation.