GSF CEO Update: Omegafleet Rising

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The first month of the Halloween War saw action across a number of fronts. Deploying independently, FCON, GENTS and CO2 struck into the drone region holdings of the N3, where the RUS offensives pushed from stations in Catch into Immensea, Omist, and Tenerifis. GSF, RZR and other CFC alliances based out of Curse, sometimes focusing on Scalding Pass and other times on Immensea.

While initially these independent salients in different regions met with great success and countless N3 Proteus and Ishtar fleets were dumpstered, the enemy has now responded to the multi-front attack and our subcapital superiority by relying entirely on one tactic only: a spider-tanking blob of sentry-drone-assisting carriers, aka 'slowcats', in numbers far beyond what we previously faced (and destroyed) in Fountain.

In the beginning, we were here for funsies and for revenge, a low-level deployment without too much coordination or :effort:. The moment a 250-Archon capital blob hit the field, however, Shit Got Real. We are no longer playing at being 'honourable third parties', though surely we will remind our enemies of this at every opportunity simply because it drives them up a wall. The hard fact is that mass slowcat blobs represent a clear and present strategic threat to every one of us, and we must respond to that threat with wild, unchecked aggression.

This update is about killing slowcats: why it matters, why they are bullshit, how we're going to do it, and how you personally can help the war effort.

The tl;dr? Get a fucking Naglfar - now. Every single one of you. Not just GSF, but the entire CFC. Yes, I am indeed saying that we want approximately 37,000 characters getting into Naglfars; good thing we have 26+ researched BPOs for the damn things. 

The War So Far

You have probably noticed by now that our enemies are absolutely terrible in subcapital fights.

As we saw in Fountain, they consistently lose subcap engagements, running Jita out of Proteus and Ishtar hulls with their consistent incompetence. We have repeatedly found ourselves holding the field with no hostile subcapitals remaining, staring at a fleet of unsupported sentry carriers, unable to break their spider tank. This has resulted in a social division in N3 alliances; the morale of the subcapital pilots is damaged, while their slowcat jocks burble happily about being 'Spartans' while making tired and self-congratulatory '300' references.

This division is the reason why we have seen N3 alliances begin to show extreme stress under the strain of this war, even though the war itself hasn't shown much progress on Dotlan. As the grizzled sov war vets among us know, sov wars always begin with a period of fleets slamming into each other and very little visible map changes, then one side or the other breaks and a region folds overnight. Thus far, the RUS have captured a pair of heavy-defended stations from N3 in Catch, while N3 has captured an undefended station in deep Feythabolis which had its TCU offlined by a disgruntled renter. The N3 slowcat jocks can say that they are doing peachy and fending off the RUS while outnumbered, yet the N3 subcapital pilots are having to train Gallente Subsystem skills for the eleventh time.

Spaceship Samurai have found an excuse to flee the field, 'attacking' Fountain by putting siphons on FA moons or something equally laughable. WhySoSerious is on the verge of a cascade. N3 subcap fleet sizes continue to decrease even as their slowcat numbers rise. Though GSF just lost an outpost egg in 1P-W by being Terrible At Eve ™, the foe's braggadocio in the aftermath of that screwup held a distinct note of fear: where a CFC egg goes, all hell follows.

We are shifting from a multiple-fronts strategy to concentrating our forces with the RUS to bear down on the N3 slowcat blob. Multiple fronts worked great in the first month of the war before the foe shifted to an all-slowcat strategy, but now the enemy has used carrier range to easily bounce around to counter our incursions with little risk - the fabled 'capital power projection' problem. The only way to kill a slowcat blob is overwhelming localized force, rather than multiple smaller salients.

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