GSF CEO Update: Novus Ordo Seclorum


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CEO Update: Novus Ordo Seclorum


Never do the expected. When news of Phoebe was released, our various enemies looked to us either to howl in outrage in public or do our best to 'reassure' our people, since clearly the doom of our people was at hand. Instead letting the galaxy know even the vaguest hints of our plans, we went silent - no updates, no blogs on TMC, no twitter commentary. This was a difficult call but the correct one; public smugging would give our foes pause and the chance to recalibrate their plans, while public complaints would energize our foes and demoralize our people unnecessarily. We walked a fine line; many of you caught the truth through the many informal Q&As I gave on Mumble over the past month, and I'm proud that these ~subtle~ events with audiences of 450 at a time somehow never leaked into the public eye. We didn't want the line membership thinking that we lacked a plan, but it was key that the wider Eve population felt us clueless, drifting, and demoralized rather than aggressive and confident. 
So now some of our projects have begun to be revealed, after the other entities in nullsec have begun to play their cards and make predictable moves in the face of the patch changes. NCdot is abandoning the East to rot in the face of Russian aggression, but may still believe that they can hold space on two sides of the galaxy simultaneously. PL has announced the severance of all ties, divested themselves of much of their renter territory, cut subcap SRP off entirely and is eager to shed dead weight. Without NCdot or PL to wipe up for them, N3 alliances are beginning to wake up to the realization that no one will save them from the RUS, who have begun to siege out of Stain into Esoteria already; we expect a flood of N3 refugees. Based on our intel it seems that much of the galaxy is still trying to keep one foot in the pre-Phoebe world - but not us. 
As for us, we have been making a number of radical moves in anticipation of not just Phoebe, but a future sov revamp; we want to proactively get in front of these changes, consolidate our holdings, redraw our territory and focus on new income streams rather than clinging to the outdated models of the B0TLRD era. The hoi polloi expect the CFC to remain static and defensive, so we're delighted to reveal the truth: we are reconfiguring our allocations to form an ultra-dense, defensible footprint in the galactic northwest to allow us to go on the offensive and punish everyone who has attempted to fuck with us over the past year. Our foes are welcome to continue to mess with us, of course - they'll just have to assault us on a single front while giving up every supercapital yard and hard asset they own at home in the process. 

The Great Reshuffling

Like our frenemies in PL, we're massively divesting and consolidating in advance of the patch. We are ditching the Southwest south of Fountain (that means D, Q and PB), which are all underinhabited renter zones and moon farms, and no longer viable to hold after the 5LY combat capital change. Our allies there are relocating into more defensible positions. We are retiming the whole Southwest in a completely random way, then selling it off to the highest bidder if the prospect of a bunch of post-Phoebe Hub installation ops (non-jf Freighter op only, now with extra fatigue!) across hundreds of systems doesn't somehow appeal to whichever sucker wants to live there.
Use a JF service to get your shit out; we are severing the F20Y FOB, but will maintain 4-EP and Fountain. GSF space in Fountain is being divested (minus key infra systems), to relocated allies to ensure they are able to continue to enjoy the same income levels as before this consolidation.
I highly recommend reading Aryth's impressively psychopathic yet accurate Goonday Preppers thread if you haven't yet, and follow the advice there. Thankfully since no one outside of GSF pays attention to one of my favorite directors, the truth in the first paragraph of that thread - revealing three weeks ago our true feelings about Phoebe - didn't get out.  

Evening Games Club

While at Vegas, we launched the Evening Games Club, a new game created by superheroes Marne Deville, Gossamer DT, and Kilgarth; it's been a fairly successful launch thus far. We know that there are a lot of competing sites out there, and ask that if you do enjoy games of chance played for isk that you patronize our site; many of the Blink successors are directly associated with nullsec entities of one flavor or another, and so we'd appreciate that you win stuff from us rather than hidden enemies. 
We know that GSF and the CFC have some of the most talented recruiters in Eve Online, so we specifically designed EGC with them in mind; you can get rich at EGC without ever depositing a single isk simply by recruiting active players out of Jita or other channels. By recruiting with your referral code (found in the My Account section of the site once you've logged in) you earn a bonus based off how much your recruits win - meaning you can spin, win, and profit for nothing but a little recruiting work.
Please don't simply spam referral links to prospective players though - as of now the referral link takes you directly to the registration page rather than showing off all the really cool game features first. Recruit responsibly! 

Vegas Trip Report

Vegas was pretty crazy all the way around. We had an insane number of GSF and CFC folks in attendance, and found ourselves juggling party suites across the Strip. Next year as well as at Fanfest we're looking to have a proper guest list and bouncers to avoid the invasion of complete randoms following some loud jerk in a bright red shirt. Many goons reported Eve Vegas to be more fun than Fanfest - the first time I've heard that, but it probably has something to do with all the booze, gambling, weed, strippers, clubbing and chaos. Impressing everyone in the CFC, it was LAWN of all our alliances which absolutely destroyed their suite like a bunch of fucking rockstars, where GSF merely had an incident with a vodka bottle, girls making out with one another, and Elo Knight unironically stealing our booze from the suite after we invited him to party with us. Maybe at Fanfest we can try catch up to LAWN and, fuck, sink a boat or something, I don't even know.  
Remember ladies and gentlemen, we're ditching B0TLRD and totes hate PL. Grrr. 

Reavers: Pissing Blood In Cheerios

The Reavers are off to a great start already under an extremely active leadership team; yesterday they began their first test deployment pre-patch and have commenced redecorating Insmother with skulls and gore. This is just a shakedown cruise, yet already the concept seems to have gelled - standing fleets on "babbys first ravaging" have given the Reavers something fun to do in Eve Online 23/7 - exactly what we all want. We may see dead Supercapital fetuses raining from the sky long before Phoebe even hits - the situation is excellent. Check it out and join in the carnage.
Most of nullsec has yet to comprehend that you cannot deploy capitals away from your home assets, and the Reavers are going to have a tremendously good time forcibly educating them. We even have a few smaller alliances outside of the CFC looking to work for us and follow the Reaver model in return for reimbursement - this is going to be huge. 

Miniluv Hungers

Speaking of CFC organizations dedicated to fun, hijinks, and the total devastation of any who oppose us, the Ministry of Love has been on an absolute rampage annihilating jump freighters for the past few weeks. The squad has always run an internal profit off freighter ganks, but GSF is now shoveling money into Warr Akini's hot little hands so he can buy as many Talos as he desires as long as jump freighters keep dying en masse. Want to blow off steam, get reimbursed, and roll around in 7b+ isk freighter kills all day? Become a Minister and spread some love. 

Supers and Titans: CCP Keeps Buffing, We Keep Buying

There's a flood of idiots dumping Supercapitals on the open market for firesale prices; buy now, don't sell. In a 5ly environment these things will see much more daily use simply because we will not need to worry about someone aggressing on our fleet from the other side of the map, which means that supercap gatecamps will rapidly become an Thing Which Happens. We're cranking these out as fast as we can, and anyone telling you to sell or divest from supercapitals is a fool. 

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