Gallente Get Their Medal

1,986 Gallente pilots will notice a new medal in their decorations as of a few days ago. The medal's text reads:

“The fires of liberty have made their inexorable march, led by the brave men and women of the Federal Defence Union. It is your triumphs which show justice and equality shall forever reign supreme. Today the Gallente Federation presents you with the Wings of Valor.” — Jacus Roden

Awarded for unparallelled bravery and combat fervor, culminating in the liberation of the entirety of contested interstellar territories between Federation and State — YC 115.01.12

Although it originally seemed that CCP would not be awarding a medal for Gallente's total warzone control, someone at CCP stayed late one night and made it happen. However, CCP has been very clear that this is a special occurrence and can not be guaranteed in the future.

Although such a medal has been much appreciated by the Gallente, many have noticed that the number awarded is approximately half of the active members participating in Gallente Faction Warfare at the time of the award. CCP Fozzie clarified why so few received the medal in this thread: “We gave the medal to every character that had received at least one LP from the FDU in the month between Dec 12th and Jan 12th.” This means that pilots that did not receive a medal finished zero plexes and killed zero war targets during the month.

For those who did contribute to this event, you now have an indelible accolade to show off. However, the war rages on, and the Gallente and the Minmatar have consistently lost ground since the award date. It is up to the members of the Federation—or at least the half that are apparently doing anything—to keep up the fight; otherwise the medal may change from a symbol of pride to a symbol of when it all fell apart.

I have been playing the game *terribly* for right around two years. After a brief time in null, and longer stay in high, I have now entered into Gallente Faction Warfare and somehow landed a job as director of Aideron Robotics. I am still terrible.