Fras Siabi steps down as Test Alliance leader

 Today Fras Siabi stepped down as Test Alliance Please Ignore CEO, posting the following on the alliance forums:

When people use the phrase “Eve is real,” it’s often in some ironic gesture aimed towards people who take this game far too seriously. To others, myself included, it’s a phrase that is often fairly close to reality. For those of you unfamiliar with the typical Eve day for someone who runs around at the head of a spaceship alliance, there is a lot of jabber, a lot of skype, some yelling at people, and lots of posting. Its not just on your computer either. It follows you on your phone, your emails, and in your brain.

Some of you know that, regardless of my posting, I’ve been pretty AFK the past few weeks, and things are happening in the part of my life that isn’t about Eve. I have accepted a job offer and now I need to step away from this terrible game to actually become a contributing member of society. I no longer have the time to be Tom Cruise to TEST’s Dustin Hoffman. I’m tossing TEST CEO to Ingen and hoping he and Booda do magical things like quit the HBC, reset everyone, and challenge everyone to come try and kill TEST in Fortress 6VDT.

I’m not going to try and remedial anything and I’ve already told booda to put a bullet in me if I find a way to post about how I was overthrown or go on a bitter posting spree.


After illustrating his feelings with a drawn-out allusion to G1 Transformers, Ingen told me that his first official order as TEST CEO will be to re-hire (and re-fire) DurrHurrDurr as a diplomat and that he was disappointed no one from the CFC had tried to Wormtongue him yet.

While only technically in charge of TEST for a month, Fras had been active in leadership for far longer and has been in Dreddit since early 2011. Fras and Ingen’s vision for the alliance were mostly in sync, so it is likely that the TEST ship will continue in the direction Fras turned it following Montolio’s resignation.

I've played Eve for a couple of years and spent a good chunk of that time as a director in Dreddit and making terrible videos for Test Alliance.