Four C0VEN Titans Disappear, Stolen by NCdot?

Early this morning a thief reached into the C0VEN cookie jar and fished out four cookies - in the shape of titans. A source within the Polish alliance reported to me that the Executor, Xeovar Stoner, detailed the theft on their internal forums.

Tonight around 2am ET someone logged into all 4 COHO titan accounts, stole (or self destructed) titans, self-destructed pilot's capsules.

Petition made, we got IP address of the person who did the stealing – Poland (XX.XX.X.XX*).

Anyway, thats worth a lot RL money so we'll probably look into getting it formally reported to polish authorities – after all, recently someone was convicted for stealing WOW gear.

I hope the person who did the stealing enjoys his freedom... as long it lasts. - Xeovar Stoner

Turns out COHO is the holding corp for C0VEN. Normally holding corps have members that are alts of other corporations in the alliance to handle alliance wide affairs such as setting standings, station rights and paying bills. Perhaps it is due to my inexperience running an alliance, but I have never heard of titan pilots being in the holding corp as well.

There are several striking things that Xeovar Stoner says, how did they find the IP address? Why were titan pilots in the holding corp? How does he know exactly when the theft occured? Why does he bring up real life money? Why is he involving the Polish authorities over pixles? To add more confusion, Pawulonek responded with "ktos tu dostal premie za projekt c0ven", or: "anyone here got a bonus for the project"

What exactly is he implying?

Thankfully a source within NCdot has brought some clarity to the situation. A C0VEN pilot contacted NCdot and inquired if they had any pilots who could fly specific titans. They then informed them that there were four unpiloted C0VEN titans inside a POS which they had the password for. Once it was confirmed by a scout, four NCdot titan pilots made their way to the system, were given the POS password and jumped the titans home.

With so many questions surrounding the heist, it will be interesting to see what CCP and perhaps, even the Polish authorities turn up.

*in the spirit of keeping internet spaceship violence and real life violence seperate, I removed the IP address

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