Fountain Update: Sphinx Falls to CFC

In the past two days, ten additional TEST systems in Fountain have fallen to the CFC, most around the Sphinx constellation. Notably, the CFC has captured the station in APM-6K during a post-downtime rush; this marks the second TEST station to fall to force of arms, after 9-V. 

There were not many battles during this period. Today before downtime there was a fight in PNQY, resulting in the N3ST Prophecy and AHAC fleets being damaged and withdrawing, after which the CFC fleet commander, Vily, bridged the retreating N3ST forces back to their staging system. 

The fight for APM was heavily broadcasted about by both the CFC and TEST. One such broadcast on the TEST side was notably enthusiastic:

When I first joined TEST, I hadn't played eve for a month or two after saying I would quit, but was brought back into the fold by Donner Party who eventually got black listed and kicked from DAWWW whilst I was leading a TEST/ESG fleet and fortunately MV took me into their arms. 

They let me into their most holiest of halls of APM to begin to understand the coveted Learn, as described to me by the holiest of its priests, Lokiish. 

He said to me

"Sajuukthanananaskahr, you will accept the Learn"
"Yes, Lokiish, I do"
"Then you must do as anyone in MV should do - defend the beacon of Martyr's Vengence - the holy tear of the Learn - the Palace of Ponytail the Righteous. For in here contains secrets of jewing that Goons and OWN must never have.

Until you renounce your faith, which you never will, you will defend APM with all ships that you have. Until the timer is reset, your ships are dead or your enemy is driven back. This is your only obligation to the Learn!"

And to that I agreed and I promised him I would pick up the holy MV sword of anti-Goon Vengence when the time came. 

And now the time to get into my mighty ship has come. The time has come to defend a place of refuge that embraced me with open arms in the face of grave sins. 

It is time - to defend my home. 

#### SENT BY SajuukThanatoskhar to All online allies @ 2013-07-24 11:06:36 EVE Time ####

APM exited reinforced mode within ten minutes after downtime, and a CFC capital fleet dropped on it immediately, supported by a full Megathron fleet. The system was captured before N3ST forces entered it.

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