Fountain Update: Nine Systems Fall to CFC

With NCdot having temporarily left Fountain to campaign against SOLAR Fleet, the past three days have seen consistent losses from N3/TEST (N3ST) in all timezones against the CFC. I'm going to avoid editorializing and simply link facts/battle reports for our readers to enjoy.

Saturday morning in AU TZ, the CFC and N3ST clashed; at first the CFC Megathron fleet was badly mauled, then a second Megathron fleet led by Mister Vee wiped out the N3ST Zealot fleet. The TEST shield hub timers were then knocked into armor by the CFC. In Euro TZ on Saturday, another N3ST Prophecy fleet was destroyed by the CFC in G95, where N3ST had hoped to destroy a pair of CFC R64s; the towers were saved by the CFC.

On Sunday, two systems fell to the CFC; on Monday, seven systems fell to the CFC. There have also been reports of R64s being taken from TEST, but tower kills are much harder to track than sov structures. The Sunday morning fight saw a N3ST Prophecy fleet destroyed followed by the two hub kills. On Monday morning, another fight occurred between N3ST and the CFC, ending with a loss of dreadnoughts by the N3ST forces and subsequently the seven hub kills.

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