February Site Update: War, Purges, and Awards

You can't make a website without breaking a few eggs and mixing some metaphors. Or purging writers. Or something!

We've made it to February, and god damn January was a wild month for TMC. On January 12th I was blown away because we'd broken 100k unique users a month, which is a pretty big milestone for a site that is commonly mistaken for a 'blog'. As of today, barely two weeks later, we're at 250k uniques/month. This is a combination of Asakai, Space War almost breaking out, and TMC becoming one of the primary sources for news about MWO in the media space. In celebration, I promptly fired eight nonperforming staff, bringing us down to a lean, mean 42. 

Hiring Season: The Quest for Literacy

LoL: League of Legends is the most popular game in the world. Surely, somewhere I can find a good, reliable LoL writer... right? Our LoL desk has the highest attrition rate. We have a small core of competent writers and experts - who are mostly too busy to write more than twice a month.  It seems like I can't go a month without firing someone who nominally claims to be literate and had one of their friends write/edit their application writing sample for them, who then turns out to be a howler monkey. We need good LoL writers. Please no more howler monkeys.  

PS2: PS2 owns; we need a couple of more staff writers. Focus here is on practical guides - how to fit your Magrider properly, the best weapons to use on your Medic, that sort of thing.  

DUST: Finding Dust writers makes finding LoL writers look like a cakewalk. DUST is out, and people are allegedly playing it. We currently have One Guy on the DUST beat, and that's not enough. No spergs, please.

EVE: We could use more writers from the galactic East: the CFC/HBC can't move without us having three stories about it, and we have a pair of staff from N3 but the Solar conflict is going basically uncovered. In general our EVE staff is our strongest, so droolers need not apply.  

WoT/MWO: These desks are solid and backed by ace writers. You are welcome to apply for a spot on them anyway, but you'd better know your shit. 

How to Apply: Email staff@themittani.com. Submit a bio blurb telling us who you are and why should we listen to you about vidya games, and include a writing sample of ~800-1200 words on the game you are applying for. If your writing sample is horrible or you managed to screw up the basics of emailing us, do not expect a courtesy reply. You must be willing to use jabber if you wish to be on staff, and must be able to produce at least two pieces a month - though we prefer four. Compensation is 125m isk per published piece, plus a 1b prize for the most popular author that month.  

If you contacted us mid-month about hiring we're going to process your application with this February crowd, you are on the hiring spreadsheet and have not been forgotten. Unless your application was awful. 

Upcoming Features

Because the site seems to be getting alarmingly popular, we're getting ready for a development death march. On the agenda are some backend Drupal tweaks no one will ever notice, bolting a forum onto the site so you can tear each other to shreds outside of the Disqus comment section, and some contests. 

Officially Official: Games Journalism Award Nomination

Despite this site existing because I think most games journalism veers between 'utter shit' and 'a complete goddamned joke', we've been nominated for the Games Journalism Prize, which is apparently a pretty serious thing and worth a fair amount of money, created by various games media luminaries who apparently share my opinions of the profession as a whole. The irony meter is off the charts, but we feel weirdly honored anyway.  


We have recently changed our policy on user submissions. When TMC launched, we did not post anything that was not written by a staff writer, because some of our competitors seemed to print literally anything that anyone sent in. We have now created a 'Submissions' account and will occasionally print something that a one-off writer has sent in, but we warn you that 90% of all submissions are complete garbage and so far we've only printed one, from a guy who is probably going to be staff anyway. 

So: if you think you've written something that is literate, topical, and not garbage, you're welcome to submit it to either staff@themittani.com or the Contact Us form in the footer. Gods help us. 


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