FCON Titan Dies in Fasse

In life, you have the people who plan and the people who wing it. The planners take their time to note every step needed to get from one goal to another, to make sure the task goes according to plan, minimise mistakes and solve problems. The wingers on the other hand will grab the seat of their pants, gargle something unintelligible, and jump into whatever hare-brained scheme they’ve hatched while reading the latest copy of Bleach.
 When planning to move the largest and most expensive ships in EVE, this concept to decision making really breaks down into two categories: the people who get their Titans home safe, and the people I get to write mocking articles about.


This beautiful mail is the result of poor naming, poor decision making, lucky ship choices and a lonely Archon. How this all fits together is a story worth reading.

Two days ago, Fidelas Constans (FCON) invited CBC Interstellar back into the fold after CBC had left in February. Upon re-joining the alliance, Evander Ea decided to move his Erebus from their old home in H-ADOC, Curse, back to FCON space in Branch. He seemed to believe this could best be done by leapfrogging a single cyno system by system till he reached FCON space.  This was mistake number one.
Without informing anyone in the CFC (who may have helped with moving the Erebus) Evander set off without a care in the world and a simple plan: get to Branch.

This is where mistake number two comes into play. When moving big ships, you want to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible, to minimise the possibility of people getting suspicious at what you’re up to. Naming your cyno character “CYNO CBC2” is about as subtle as a punch to the jaw.

About mid-way through this escapade, Evander came across a problem; the system in Everyshore he was planning on using was full of hostiles, so he started moving CYNO CBC2 around to look for a quieter system.


Col Deathstroke, a member of Fool Mental Junket (FOOJ), lives in the lowsec area around Everyshore with friends in S I L E N T alliance. While ship spinning in space, Col noticed CYNO CBC2 flying around the systems he lived in. After doing a quick scan on EVE-Kill, he determined (the name being obvious already) that this was a cyno character, and decided to follow it to see what it dropped. Eventually after logging in and out of game, CYNO ended up in Fasse with two members of S I L E N T in local. Suspecting that the cyno might drop a carrier, Col set up a fleet to drop on it the instant it lit and shoot whatever appeared. In a lucky happenstance, Lubomir Penev of S I L E N T decided that he would bring along a dusty Phobos he had sitting in his hanger in Fasse. Sitting on the undock, Lubomir waited until the cyno was lit, then warped in.

Upon landing he saw a lonely Erebus just floating in space, and did as any HIC pilot would do, he tackled it.
Calling in the rest of the fleet (two Tengu’s, two Phobos, a Brutix and a Tornado), they set to work breaking through the Erebus’s tank.


After twenty minutes of grinding through the entire shield and around half the armour of the Erebus (due to the fact it was cap fit) FCON brought in a cyno and jumped a carrier to the stricken Erebus, allowing it to refit to a full tank fit. With the Erebus now tanking the damage, and the threat of FCON re-enforcement fleet, Col put out a call to an old enemy, Shadow Cartel (SC).
After contacting hearnie of SC, the FOOJ/SILENT gang lit a Cyno, dropping 19 SC dreads onto the Titan.

 As the dreads overloaded on the Titan, hearnie got a conversation from Buhhdust Princess, the CEO of Suddenly Spaceships, informing him that Col had also phoned for help from Suddenly and Black Legion. With the Titan about to die, and half a siege cycle left, the groaning of the exploding behemoth could only be offset by the gnashing of nails from Shadow Cartel, wondering if either BL or SS would drop in to pick them off.

With the Titan dead and the siege cycles ended, SC jumped out, leaving the wreck to spin aimlessly in space. Neither BL or SS turned up to either try to kill the Titan or the Dreads.

So remember readers, remember the old eve motto “If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t be stupid with it."

Thanks go out to hearnie and Col Deathstroke for their interviews and help.

Hi, My name is Targie. I've done everything from High-sec wars, to Low sec Pirating; from Wormholes to 0.0 wars. I'm currently in TEST alliance, where I annoy my corp. mates with bad stories. Follow me on twitter . @TargieMcRed for article updates.