Fanfest: Dust 514 Keynote

So nothing new then that we didn't already know about. Derp.
I like it. Dust looked like diggity-dog shit and now looks a lot better.
Not bad for a console game ehh? ;)
They did indeed overcome many technical hurdles to pull this off. Not only that, the game runs smoother than ever (I've had extensive time playtesting the new build by now). For those playing the beta up till now, you're probably in the same boat as me and were fairly terrified of CCP improving the graphics when the framerate and hit detection were already problematic (unplayable in some cases).I'm happy to report that the game is running faster than ever, in addition to the new visual quality. Textures load instantly, menus are snappy, and that clunky "beta" feel is beginning to vanish into the ether. I'm really quite impressed with what the team has pulled off in terms of optimization with Uprising.
Didn't know how good the new map would be or what the framerate would be like before this.
Biggest news is that dust is gonna be on the pc aswell soon (tm). Why? Because they didn't have enough players.
Significantly better; good to see they're doing well with optimization for the PS3's hardware.
Definitely excited to be watching and covering DUST; there's more potential here than you can wave a stick at.
I love the tears of people in denial. You just keep telling yourself it is coming to PC.

Against all odds, the Dust 514 keynote did proceed, after some serious sounding technical difficulties (evidently, it had to do with sparks, fires, bosses shouting, and the hamsters powering the computers screaming in terror). After a 30 minute delay, the keynote went on without a hitch. Below is a quick recap of the presentation.

Changes Coming with the Uprising Build

With the new Uprising game build to be launched in a little over a week, the devs spent plenty of time strutting it about for the players and press. The full list of changes is evidently very long, but the major tweaks can be summed up in five categories: accessibility, skill progression, improved graphics, new dropsuits and vehicles, and planetary conquest.


Between the screenshots, gameplay footage, and the devs talking about it, the UI of Dust is in for a huge revamp come Uprising. In addition to new interfaces, many of the existing interfaces have been redone. The skill UI has been improved, the spawn screen has been tweaked so it’s more informative, the matchmaking interface has been reworked, and the list goes on. Further, the time from launching the game to actually playing the game has been reduced significantly.

Additionally, it was announced that the hated Universal Voice Transceiver (which allowed you to use voice chat outside of squads and teams) will be removed from the game. Cue applause.

Skill Progression

As hinted at by devs and seen on this site, the skills in Dust 514 are in for a major overhaul. Unfortunately, the devs gave few details during the presentation, saying that more specifics were to come.

The skills UI has be redone so that it has a much clearer progression, quickly showing which skills are prerequisites for others. If you are fine with the current skill layout, it will still be available for you.

Improved Graphics

After settling for subpar graphics for a long time, the devs unveiled the new visuals explicitly for the first time. Below are some before and after screenshots.




New Dropsuits and Vehicles

While the trusty four dropsuit types have served well thus far, CCP is expanding the lineup. Come Uprising, the Gallente and Amarr will have new medium-sized suits, and the Minmatar will be getting a new light-sized one.

In terms of vehicles, a new dropship type is to be added. Dubbed the Assault Dropship, this variant will allow the pilot to control a gun in addition to having two side gunners. The drawback is that it can hold few extra passengers.

Lastly, existing dropsuits and vehicles will have new color schemes added. There was still no news on my neon pink Hello Kitty tank, however.

Planetary Conquest

By far the biggest addition coming in Uprising, the new planetary conquest system was demoed by the devs acting out a scenario. It went as follows:

After a diplomatic mishap involving CCP Foxfour’s shoes being stolen, CCP Nullabor finds himself at war with his shoeless adversary. After being harassed by attacks perpetrated by sock-clad enemies, Nullabor decides to go on the offensive by taking one of Foxfour’s planetary districts. I felt myself tear up when I realized that post-spawn cloaking will be added come the 6th. Needless to say, Nullabor won the battle, and was quick to say he did so with no use of a dev's godlike powers. 

Showing off many of the new additions that are to come with the Uprising build, the demo was a good ending to an informative presentation. I believe CCP’s goal of exciting players and the press was achieved.

Oh, look they fixed the layout. Wait.. spoke too soon, it's broken again.