Fanfest 2015: Re-elected Corbexx Defects to GSF

During today's CSM panel, Goonswarm Federation (GSF) FC Lazarus Telraven asked a pointed question of corbexx, NOHO member and recently re-elected CSM9/CSMX delegate. In the course of his answer, corbexx announced his intention to join GSF, crossing the length of the stage to shake hands with GSF incumbent Sion Kumitomo.
A recent tweet by CFC leader The Mittani may have alluded to this, although some are arguing that a true sleeper agent would not reveal themselves in such fashion and that an undisclosed agent still remains. Corbexx is expected to join GoonWaffe with his primary character shortly and will receive a suitable title.
These events may throw Corbexx's past year of CSM service into question. Corbexx spoke to us shortly after this occurred confirming that the plan had been in motion before any issues arising within NOHO. However, he reassured his supporters that he will still be doing wormhole actvities and representing those interests on the CSM, as that's his area of expertise. He expects to be able to keep his alt corp and will still be doing wormhole training for BRAVE.
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