Fanfest 2013 Tickets Now Available

CCP announced this morning that Early Bird tickets for Fanfest are now available. There are several general options, tickets for optional events, along with deals on airfare and accommodations. As this Fanfest will be celebrating EVE’s 10th anniversary, it’s sure to be an even bigger event than in previous years.

Some of the events include:
(Asterisk denotes extra cost beyond general admission)

Presentations and Roundtables with Devs
Bar Crawl with Devs*
EVE and DUST PvP Tournaments
RL Aggro Management (Sisters of EVE programs for non-capsuleers)*
Golden Circle sightseeing tour*
Blue Lagoon Hangover Party*
Party at the Top of the World
EVE Symphony*

Yes, you read that last one correctly; the world-renowned Icelandic Symphony Orchestra will be playing arrangements of some of EVE’s most well-known tunes.

Finally, those of you with deep space-pockets will be able to pay for any and all Fanfest events with PLEX (air travel and accommodations however need to be cold hard cash). If you’re thinking of attending, the Early Bird ticket price expires January 31st, although if you can find a group of people after that date, you can still get a similar price.

We hope to see you there!

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