FA and RZR Deploy to Assist Solar Fleet

Fatal Ascension and Razor Alliance held a meeting at 2100 Eve time on the 30th to discuss a combined deployment to the east/southeast. The recording was posted on soundcloud shortly after.

A few highlights:

  • The two alliances will be deploying to Great Wildlands to assist Solar Fleet against the N3 coalition.
  • Supercapitals are being left at home. 
  • FA and RZR will mostly be running their own fleets, rather than integrating with Solar and the rest of the Drone Coalition.
  • Line members are expected to keep jump clones and ships back in CFC space to be able to return home if needed.
  • This is an opportunity for new fleet commanders to step up and get some experience.

I caught up with Zagdul, leader of FA, to get a little more depth to the story. Many thanks to him for taking time out of a busy day - convoys have already started moving- to talk to us.

So, the first question has to be, "Why Solar?" Last I checked, they were not even blue to CFC (GSF standings have them at -10).

It was a combined decision between RZR and FA where RZR had some contacts over there and it seemed as though the guys on that side of the map could use a hand. Both alliances have always been keen to help out the underdog.

Did the chance to take another swing at NC. and Nulli Secunda have anything to do with it?

Not for FA at all. We just go where fights are. Who we fight doesn't matter really. 

Alright. So, can you walk me through how this came about? I would assume that a RZR diplo or member of their high command came to talk to you.

A couple months ago RZR and FA made the plan to do a joint deployment. We had gone over all the possible scenarios. Delve, Aridia, Stain, Provi... All of them seemed either boring or lacked a challenge. So weighing our options, we decided that heading east would put us in the middle of some hostiles who have always had it in for us and would provide us with a good challenge across all timezones. 

It seems like RZR and FA have been growing closer for a while. Any comments about that?

FA and RZR go back to the NC days where they were one of the few alliances of the north who didn't treat us like absolute shit. Between them and WI., of the 'holding' alliances we made a lot of friends between the two. Luckily, WI. are now in goons and RZR came back to their homeland so we all get to chill again. 

So, a deployment like this is not something that's planned overnight. How long has this been in the works?

A deployment in general has been in the works for a couple months. Finding the time and the right theater was the challenge. This particular one was finalized last week. 

For those that have never planned a deployment or know much about it, could you elaborate on some of the considerations that need to be made?  

Actually, this is something that's new for FA. Our previous deployments haven't gone well so it's always been something we're apprehensive about. It's a real gamble with member morale if things go south. This is one of the considerations we kept in mind when planning this one. We are aware of the challenges and that the people in the south have painted a bullseye on us. This is something we've done our best to try and plan for by bringing doctrines which allow for fun and to blow off steam. This is probably the biggest concern for any alliance deploying. 

What we hope for are fun fights. We don't expect the south to give them up so easily, but one can hope to keep all involved in good fighting spirits.


The fighting has already begun, with several skirmishes topped off by N3 taking down a FA Archon. Whether this move by FA and RZR will affect the course of the eastern war remains to be seen.

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