Executive Outcomes Evacuating Fountain Systems

Tensions between the CFC and the HBC have escalated still further, after Montolio tried to get .EXE to choose a side in what appears to be an increasingly probable 'Great' war. The following post, made by Mo’Chuisle (leader of Executive Outcomes), explains what transpired over the past few days:


As you all know, there has been a new round of TEST/FA drama. I will not go over all of it again, you can find all the retarded details on kugu, tmc.com and even evenews24 if you need a refresher.

We are the only alliance that is both a full member of the CFC and the HBC. We have a great relationship with both TEST and GSF. TEST was the alliance that first offered us space and we moved into Fountain. We stood by TEST when they went on their first bigger solo campaign in Vale, we (ultimately unsuccesfully) grinded structures with them during days where the 40 man we could field in moon time were a substantial part of the combined fleet, when our caps were half the total cap fleet; long before the HBC became the juggernaut that they are now.

Today, TEST is a force of their own. They successfully built a large coalition, they conquered a space empire the size of which is only rivalled by the CFC. Sadly, at the same time relations between the coalitions have been increasingly polarized. As EXE, in our relationship with TEST and GSF, we do not value one over the other. We certainly do not value random members of the HBC like Raiden. higher than GSF, or FA higher than TEST. In our opinion, a war between CFC and HBC is not something that the core of either coalition would profit from, or even enjoy. The people elated about a war breaking out between the two groups would be alliances like Raiden. or FA, people that are carrying a personal chip on their shoulder. If we'd side with the CFC, we would enjoy shooting Raiden., but we would have no interest in taking TEST space. If we'd side with the HBC, talking to some of our friends in MNDS through the sights of our guns might be fun, but we'd have no interest in taking space from GSF.

However, as of today, Montolio felt that it was necessary for us to pick a side in a future, potential conflict, now. For the reasons I outlined above, we do not feel such a conflict is something we should strive for, nor is it a natural conclusion of the current situation. Promising absolute loyalty in a future conflict that we hope to avoid would have meant escalating things on the road to said conflict further if we did so openly, or we’d have to secretly play both sides and double cross one side should war break out. Therefore I could not in good conscience offer that promise. Out of respect for our long and fantastic relations to TEST to this point, instead I offered him to hand over our Fountain holdings peacefully now to assuage any fears of harboring a potentially unsecure ally in HBC space. He accepted.

We will over the next days evacuate all our Fountain holdings into Cloud Ring. Our bridge network will stay up so you can get your own things moved, too, but your corp (and the alliance) will help you. If you have oustandingly large amounts of stuff to move, make sure to contact your corp and alliance leadership.

Following discussions that were extremely brief given the circumstances, Montolio ratcheted up the pressure on .EXE: from Montolio musing the possible scenario of war occuring between the two sides; to him asking Mo which side they would pick; to a demand of .EXE to pick a side.The outcome is a transfer of systems in Fountain and the potential loss of a blue for the HBC. For the chestbeaters in both coaltions, it is yet another sign that war is on the horizon.

In real life, is a Publishing Strategy Manager for a technical publishing house. In Eve, co-ceos a corp that attempts to specialise in covert ops.