EXE Bids Farewell to the HBC

The following announcement was posted by Mo'chuisle, leader of Executive Outcomes, on the TEST forums on March 25th; Executive Outcomes will be resetting standings with the HBC as a whole on Wednesday March 27th. EXE has long held a somewhat unusual position, placed between the HBC and the CFC by holding Cloud Ring, and were asked to give up their space in Fountain by Montolio, former leader of TEST,  allegedly because of their divided loyalties. 

Some 18 months ago, Montolio offered us a place in Fountain. We chose to accept the offer because we believed in TESTs vision and attitude for what having fun in eve should look like. The following months were some of the most fun we’ve had in eve, and we’ve been around for 7 years now, so this is not just talking some bullshit fluff.

Whether it was fighting with the uppity natives in fountain, helping clean up messes some of the more unstable other fountain residents left behind (cough bdeal cough), nightly tower rep sessions with Beffah. and combined carrier fleets, or just faceplanting into a wall of unnerfed titans and supers in Vale, success or not, it was all great fun.

At the end of the vale campaign things started to grow apart though. Before the campaign, we’d told Montolio that if Vale would not work out (which many people predicted ) we were not interested in leaving the war completely and doing something completely seperate. Eve is a game, and grudges are fun if you get to act on it. Just look at all the GRRR GOON feelings currently in the HBC. However, our grudge was with the “new north”, not the CFC. So instead of going to geminate with you guys and working with the people we wanted to shoot, we joined the CFC campaign in Tribute and beyond.

There was a short moment afterwards where it looked like we’d grow together again. Delve/Querious/Period Basis was being grinded, everyone was getting involved, things were happy again. However, at the end of it, the HBC was born.

We’ve never really been on board with the direction the HBC has taken. Probably to prepare for the ultimate GRRR GOON war, a ton of people were taken on board. Some of them we merely didn’t get to know, and I am sure they are great dudes. Others are people that we have so much history with that you’ll have to grant us having our own opinion on them, and it’s not positive. In the end, we really only have a relationship with TEST, and it predates the HBC.

The HBC coalition of today is so very much different from what we experienced in the little fountain coalition back when we joined. You may say that you’ve done some growing up, and maybe you are right. I just know that back then, even the most retarded fuck ups were mostly met by the :dawww: face and everyone pulled together to help out. Nowadays, you have your own renter emporium on the one hand and your own leadership lecturing your allies about having “renter attitude” on the other. You have some allies, who were not even around for the grind in D/Q/PB until long after the war was won, take that space and lecture other allies about their importance and their contributions. Maybe it’s the curse of Delve, but to us, the attitude and atmosphere in the HBC does not look anything like what made us join you guys in the first place.

In any case, we have been good stewards of yours in Fountain, we’ve not created you guys any drama, the capcommand crew can attest that we were always willing to help out firefight at home, even if we were deployed elswhere, and we never needed bailing out like many of the other failed fountain allies. We’re thankful for the opportunity you guys gave you, but we already handed all our space back to you when the great GRRR GOON war plans were still going full steam, so now it’s time for us to go so long and thanks for all the fish!

We will reset the HBC on wednesday at downtime. We still love our TEST bros and we will keep standings between just EXE and TEST, and you will not see us at the spearhead of a new GRRR TEST movement in the CFC.

 Update: There has been some controversy in the comments about the first paragraph of this piece, regarding whether or not EXE was 'asked' by Montolio to give up their Fountain space to TEST. Mo'chuisle has offered the following clarification, which we reprint here in full: 

Just checking in to clarify that Montolio did not in fact ask us to give the fountain space back directly, he did however put us on the spot and ask us to chose a side in the, according to him, inevitable CFC/HBC war.He was of the opinion (or at least claimed to be) that even if the HBC would not invade, an attack by the CFC was inevitable and our Fountain space then would end up a beachhead in HBC space for the CFC.

I did not agree with that analysis of the situation, but it left us with not much choice: either we could have sworn loyalty in a future war that we did not believe in, which would have been dishonest; or we could have refused, which with in his mindset at the time would have been like chosing the CFC over the HBC. So instead we chose the third option and surrendered our space inside HBC territory.


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