EVE Vegas 2013 Announced

"Eve Vegas is a Las Vegas based player convention that allows both ccp developers and players to speak to other players about the game we all play. It's an Eve convention made by players for players." - Zapawork

2013 marks the third year of this excellent convention. In the last two years EVE Vegas has taken place at the Paris Hotel and Casino. It featured an open room convention with multiple keynote speakers, seven Dev speakers and eight Player speakers. This year it's all different though! Welcome to the Rio! $99/night in the renovated suites and free internet thanks to the convention deal. The brand new convention center also brings us a stage for the first time at EVE Vegas along with an excellent sound and lighting system. We'll also see the continuation of past favorites, such as the pub crawl and the reception/party. Adding to a year of firsts, we'll see the addition of an alternative to the pub crawl and a few secrets Zapawork doesn't want us to know just yet!

The move to the Rio also brings with it more promotional High Roller Packages for the lucky winners and an exciting new convention style. This year there will be smaller rooms for each Developer to host a smaller more focused workshop on their section of the game in addition to the main hall for keynote speakers. While the total number of developers attending is not yet known, it is hoped that more will join us this year in Vegas than last. There will also be the return of player speakers, though these slots will be fewer in number then in year's past.

For you curious players hoping to present, Zapawork has mentioned that if CCP can find the budget to fly their Devs out, he'll look into flying out the player speakers! Becoming a speaker requires you to submit a suggestion to one of the contact points listed below. All topics are vetted by Zapawork and a small group of convention organizers. They're looking for topics not covered by player guides and speakers who have personal successful experiences with those topics. Specifically they're interested in Industry, Wormhole Life, Alliance Running, Corporation Success, Low Sec Pirating, Null Sec Success outside of renting and coalitions,  and lastly, Faction Warfare.

A formal call for speakers will be announced after this year's Fanfest. In closing; " Get involved on the forums, facebook or twitter and make sure we know what you want. We don't make money running EveVegas (we've lost money each year), for us its about making an event for players that they want to go to. Help us make it all it can be, give us your ideas and tell your corp mates.” - Zapawork


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I'm an accomplished FC and have been playing for six years, I run FELON, the founding corp of Sadistica Alliance, and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market to support the alliance and am currently working as a technical writing intern.