EVE University's Low Sec Camp Relocating

EVE University, a group known for training new pilots across the universe, has operated a division called the Low Sec Camp (LSC) for years now. The LSC was founded with the intention of teaching young players how to survive and thrive in the wilds of low security space. Due to the aggressive nature of many lowsec residents, however, the LSC has become a very PVP centric organization in recent times.

EVE University is often believed to be a pile of noobs when it comes to PVP. In the Camp this stems not from a lack of skillpoints (their average is between ten and fifteen million), but from a high turnover rate.  The Camp is often the last step on a Unista's path to a PVP corporation; as such, it is difficult to build a strong core to fill a fleet with. Many of the Camp's graduates can be found scattered across the major PVP alliances of EVE, including Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition..

The LSC has been stationed in Maseera since July and has had daily PVP encounters with a number of alliances and corporations. Groups such as The Royal Navy, 107th Suicide Kings, Sadistica Alliance, Don't Be a Menace and F.E.R.A.L have provided the bulk of the fights to date.

Today the LSC has begun moving out of Maseera and into Dudreda. Shegunna Blow, the head of the LSC, is hoping that being closer to Aldrat (University headquarters) will bring them more members and ease the transition into lowsec for those members. 

They're currently looking for new groups to fight so that they can provide practical experience to their adorable little Unistas. If you would like to fight the LSC, head on over to Dudreda. Don't forget to throw Hong Hu or Shegunna Blow a mail to get your corp or alliance setup as a valid target though, the Uni operates on an NRDS policy in lowsec.

Shegunna Blow - "We will have arranged fights with reds, blues[,] neutrals, anyone as long as we have advance notice to change standings as needed. [...] If we like you enough we might even leave the ECM at home"


Full Interview with Shegunna Blow

I'm an accomplished FC and have been playing for six years, I run FELON, the founding corp of Sadistica Alliance, and head the alliance. I also manage a ~50b isk market to support the alliance and am currently working as a technical writing intern.