EVE-Kill Unveils zKillboard Beta

Regular PVPers and killboard-haunters will be aware of the issues EVE-Kill.net has been going through over the past two months. Through all this effort — launching a fundraiser to secure a new server, transitioning to a new host and more — developers Squizz Caphinator and Karbowiak have been working on an entirely new killboard package. On Wednesday, they went public with it.

Built on a PHP/CSS backend, zKillboard (as it's called) certainly looks and feels modern, although it's still quite early in development. It's already pulled plenty of killmails from the same API keys used by EVE-Kill, so feel free to have a look.

The developers intend to eventually use zKB to replace Eve-Kill's current software altogether:

Eventually, it'll replace EVE-KILL — it will still have the EVE-KILL name, and all your killmails. But for starters they'll coexist, the current EVE-KILL will just be demoted to a different domain name, while zKB will takeover on the front.

But the takeover is still some way out into the future, still loads of features we need to implement, and others we need to make look better (and work better) :)

So, what do you think? Is this design an improvement over EVE-Kill.net and Battleclinic? Bearing in mind that this is a very early version, I'm excited — zKB seems much more fast and responsive in my browser than previous killboards.

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