EVE Gifts Keep Coming

Capsuleers were greeted yesterday with additional holiday gifts under the 'redeem item'-button, following an extended downtime from 12:00 to 12:30 UTC.

Gifts appear to be randomized to a degree. Every capsuleer received a random Genolution Core Augmentation, which increases an attribute by 3 (depending on which slot implant is given), while also providing an additional 1.5% power grid bonus and a 1.5% capacitor amount bonus.  Implant bonuses for a set are 50%.

Pilots also received faction exploration frigates, which includes one of the following: a Sarum Magnate, a Sukuuvestaa Heron, a Vherokior Probe, or an Inner Zone Shipping Imicus.

Finally, pilots also got a random assortment of New Eden Open trading cards, a replica of a random item, and an assorted variety of commodity and gag items such as "carbon", "a big red button",  a "Key to Open the Door", a "Donut Holder", and more.

On December 13, pilots also received an update that included a festive launcher and snowballs. Details of that update can be found here.

Drewson Houten, known by friends and corpmates alike as "Hoots," is a member of TEST alliance through a little corporation called Alea Iacta Est Universal (AIEU).