Ev0ke Evacuation Plans Leaked


In what seems to be yet another alliance falling apart due to internal drama, an ev0ke internal forum post leaked on the eveger.de forums by Wrik Hoover details an evacuation plan from Vale/Geminate, as well as a transfer of all tech assets to Goonswarm Federation for the nifty price of 250b.

The leaked post indicates that ev0ke will announce an evacuation of Vale on November 8th, and will start sov transfers and Technetium transfers from ev0ke to GSF once paid. Other details included in the leaked forum post indicate an Ewoks (the training alliance for ev0ke) CEO meeting, possibly concerning other matters in the post such as the transfer of several pvp-heavy corporations from Ewoks to ev0ke, and transfer of pilots from some Ewoks corps over to ev0ke. The post goes on to identify transfer of towers to LFT (a corp in ev0ke), and a transfer of IT infrastructure from -DOP-, an Ewoks corp.

Ev0ke has been facing internal drama recently, with corporations leaving ev0ke and Ewoks. Seemingly no longer equipped to defend their assets, and with the dotbros slowly falling apart, they have decided to throw in the towel and retreat to Outer Ring. With a cool 250b ISK in their wallet and no worries about strategic assets or moons, they will likely attempt to do what many other alliances do in their situation: reform, or fall apart forever.

Eveger.de post (registration required, in German)

Picture of Post 


  • 28. Nov Evacuation of Vale, announcement until 8. Nov
  • 28. Nov Outer Ring Scouting starts
  • 31. Oct Ewoks CEO meeting
  • LFT Tower takeover until 4. Nov
  • Removal of LFT until 7. Nov from ev0ke
  • 8. Nov Allymeeting
  • Making plans public Selection of Ewokscorps, PvP players to join Ev0kecorps, PvP heavy Ewoks corps joining Ev0ke
  • Starting 9. Nov transferal of Sov and Techmoons to CFC after payment
  • FCs will tell NC. that we'll leave and hand everything over to CFC after all deals have been finalized
  • Getting Jabber and TS to run before DOP leaves Ewoks


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