Ethereal Dawn To Leave the Drone Regions

So Long, Farewell

On February 21st a mail was sent out to the pilots of Ethereal Dawn (ED):

After much consideration and when fighting against impossible odds, Ethereal Dawn have decided to withdraw from the Drone Regions once again.

Its [sic] been a fantastic 11 months, with both ups, and downs, and we, the HC, would like to thank all those involved in what can only be described as a roller-coaster from start to finish.

If you have assets in Ethereal Dawn space, you have, at a conservative estimate, around 8 days to get everything out before the enemy has complete and total control over our current sov holdings.

On behalf of the High Command, we would like to thank everybody one last time, and hope to fly with some of you again in the future.


Zeus, KillerCorp, Ramatak, Kroolish

The Ethereal Dawn High Command

Last week, a few people in Ethereal Dawn talked to me on the basis of anonymity. They were quite willing to talk about the war and how they were losing. They stated that their coalition was essentially hanging out ED to dry. The fleet commander was hoping to fight a guerrilla war to make it as hard as possible for their space to be taken: "Ethereal Dawn is standing almost entirely alone right now. We have no hope of holding the space... But we'll be here making things as difficult as possible until there is no one left."

Interview with Ethereal Dawn's Exec

I had the opportunity to speak to KillerCorp, the leader of ED, to ask him about what happened. As always with real-time chat interviews, some formatting and spelling corrections have been made. Many thanks to KillerCorp for agreeing to talk with us.

Is there any statement you would like to make about the issue for the article?

Indeed. We have done what we set out to do in reclaiming what we had lost. The odds are so stacked against us now that to continue fighting would be in vain.

What, if anything, prompted this move? Was there some breaking point?

Not really. It's a situation that has been developing over the last few weeks. Our allies slowly folding around us—a combination of many factors.

Let me be blunt. Some of your alliance members felt like they were hung out to dry by the rest of the Coalition. Do you as the Alliance Executor feel this is the case?

Not all wars of this nature on multiple fronts require tough decisions and sacrifice. General membership cannot always see this, so I can perfectly understand why they would feel this way. Could we have done things differently? Yes, but that's the beauty of hindsight.

Can I get a brief clarification? You do not feel like ED was abandoned by its coalition allies, correct?

Correct, if anything, we should have been able to do more to support them.

All right. So, what is next for ED?

Good question. I think, first off, a rest. [There are] many options we can take. ED's history with Etherium Reach is long and certainly not over.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Just to our blues and reds, [it's] been fun :) [I'm] looking forward to ED mark 3—3rd time lucky :)

The Future

Ethereal Dawn is an alliance with a long history. This is not a fail cascade, so it is doubtful this will be the last we see of them.

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