The Esoteria Conflict: C0VEN Responds

The Honey Badger Coalition has been somewhat liberal with their NIPs (Non-Invasion Pacts) since the fall of 4-07MU in Catch. The HBC has, for the most part, moved from growing its own numbers to securing neighbors who can provide good fights without a soul-draining sov grind. The Stain-Esoteria Collection was one such neighbor. This is a loose bloc that had grown very accustomed to taking small gangs into the surrounding regions and wreaking merry slaughter on ratters. Unfortunately for them, there are a lot fewer targets for small gangs in the area now.

Tribal Band, a member of the HBC, won Period Basis for their home in Delve War 2012. This put them in close proximity to Esoteria’s residents. Conflict between the new neighbors began and quickly escalated into structure shooting. Montolio, leader of TEST and the HBC, gave the Esoterians a warning, but they continued shooting TRIBE sov structures.

Yesterday, Montolio publically stated that the HBC was going to war against the residents of Esoteria:

I am declaring holy war on all residents of Esoteria, too long have they violated agreements with the HBC and pinged at the sovereignty of our allies. It is time for them to suffer the consequences of living in the era before coalitions without adaptation to new circumstances.

When C0VEN was contacted to get their side of the story, their diplomat responded quickly, quoting Montolio’s post.  He closed out the mail with the following statement:

...we have entrenched our position in Esoteria.

While we cannot seriously expect to be able to repel HBC invasion in a long run due to their numbers advantage and supercapital superiority, we will do what we can to make this invasion painful, time consuming and bloody for the invaders.

We have been waiting for the attack on Eso for 4 years now, we will see if our guarilla warfare is up to the challenge.

We are also looking forward to more fights with nominated new owners of Esoteria (OOS and Walltreipers) with whom we have a long history of shooting each other.


Xeovar Stoner

C0ven diplomat

It looks like both sides are eager for the upcoming war.  Here's to the good fights!

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.