Eight Goonswarm Carriers Down in Branch

At 0220 Black Legion. assembled for a scheduled timer only to learn that Legion of xXDEATHXx wouldn't form up for it. Luckily, Elo Knight heard something much better was happening in Branch, and after a bit of intel gathering settled on Immortal Canes and bridged the fleet directly on top of six tackled Goonswarm carriers.

Verge of Collapse had earlier found a lonely ratting carrier in 52G-NZ which they proceeded to tackle with a small gang of Taloses and support. As it turned out, this carrier was bait, and it cyno'd in two additional carrier alts immediately for support. When Verge of Collapse successfully had the group bubbled, the beleaguered carrier pilot called for help, resulting in five additional carriers joining the fray. A couple of FCON subcapitals also joined the fight and attempted to kill off the VoC interdictors.

Two carriers died before BL arrived on the field; the combined neuts and DPS of the Immortal Canes cleared the field in less than ten minutes. Some fire was accidentally exchanged between the two surviving alliances on the field (resulting in a very messy killboard report) but it did not escalate and both FC's went home happy. In total, eight Goonswarm Federation carriers were lost.

Battle report

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