Eastern Update: N3 Advance, SOLAR Retreat

The ongoing war in the galactic east finds SOLAR Fleet and its allies pitted against the newly-formed N3 coalition. It was expected to be one of the next large conflicts after the Tribute war in the North. The fighting, though, has been less significant and more one-sided than expected.


When the conflict was at its mid-point, shortly after the Tribute war, the N3 coalition's staging system was way down South in Immensea. The reason for this was to focus on rebuilding the sov empire and finish taking over -A-'s abandoned space. The resulting distance between the N3 staging system and the SOLAR front in the northeast made travel tedious, sometimes requiring three Titan bridges. Aside from the obvious cost and boredom associated with so many titan bridges, this meant that reacting to SOLAR movements was difficult. At this stage, SOLAR was still holding the N3 advance well, despite the occasional presence of HBC forces supplementing N3.

Eventually the -A- space was taken, and N3 was able to deploy to a system deep inside SOLAR territory, I-1QKL in Insmother. The result was immediate: systems started dropping. N3 and Red Alliance were now operating together closely and could quickly and efficiently reply to SOLAR attacks. Often unable to form competitive fleets outside its prime Russian timezone, SOLAR was put at a disadvantage. This soon led to their staging system being taken. Keen to maintain the momentum, N3 and RA proceeded to take SOLAR's new staging system even before they were able to evacuate to it. This resulted in SOLAR retreating to The Spire where they could launch their attacks in relative safety while their opponents took now-defenseless space.


Despite the pressure SOLAR is facing, they continue to maintain sizeable forces and deploy/attack SBUs to continue the war. Respectable fleets of over 150 Maelstroms are often formed. In Russian TZ, they are often quite effective. During most other timezones, however, they continually face larger forces and often have to avoid fighting. The proximity of N3 forces results in immediate consequences for any errors that SOLAR may make.

Much of the space owned by SOLAR has been redistributed within the coalition, Red Alliance taking the majority of it due to ties to the area, and the HBC fleets lending a hand to N3 mean that SOLAR is on the backfoot. Despite this, they continue to form up in an attempt to stem the tide.


Last week, RAZOR and Fatal Ascension declared that they would deploy into the area and aid SOLAR. Their deployment was met with a healthy welcome of a slowcat hellcamp on their new station, and despite having some 150 active in system few battles have been fought. S2N Gila fleets last seen in Delve and led by Canaris Roshaak continue to prey on any fleets that form. So far, the RZR/FA deployment (despite being thoroughly entertaining for both parties) has had essentially no impact on the SOLAR conflict. It is possible they hope to just get some easy fights with reds nearby, but the coming weeks may tell a different story about their intent. The coalition FC for N3, ProgodLegend, was very unenthusiastic about the RZR/FA deployment. When asked whether he thought the new enemies could pose any serious threat, PGL answered with a very succinct and definite "no." 

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