DUST: PRO Loses 300m to PFBH

In DUST 514, there is a system for corp battles. Each corporation has to ante up an entry cost in order to enter the battle. Assuming you win the battle, you can potentially double your money and humiliate your adversary all at the same time.

Around Friday last week, the Planetary Response Organization (a Test Alliance DUST Corp) put up a corporate battle contract that had a buy-in for 300 million ISK. With twenty minutes left on the contract, the Pink Fluffy Bounty Hunterz (PFBHz) were able to scrounge up the needed ISK to enter the battle. They then proceeded to whoop PRO’s ass. In the end, PRO had lost and was out 300 million ISK.

Given that ISK is more valuable in DUST than in EVE, a conversion is in order to put that into perspective for EVE players. The amount of time it would take an average DUST player to earn 300 million is about 300 hours. Given that same amount of time, a level 4 mission runner could make 16.5 billion ISK. To add insult to injury, PRO’s number one tank driver, Charlotte O’del, applied to PFBHz soon after the battle.

Below is a recording of the battle from the PFBHz perspective:

When asked to comment on the results of the battle, a PFBHz director said about PRO, "So long and thanks for all the fish." PRO's response to the battle can be found on the DUST forums.

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