DUST 514: War Council Announced

Thanks to an announcement by CCP Dolan, it is now official that Dust 514 will have a group similar to the CSM of Eve Online.  The working title for the group is the War Council. Very Viking sounding; I love it. Anyway, the way members of the council are chosen is through a developer-curated list of the “most helpful, active, and knowledgeable community members.” This list of players will then be vetted by CCP Dolan and the Dust 514 teams for eligibility for a seat on the council. The reasoning behind appointments, rather than an election process, is explained by CCP Dolan:

So initially we looked at having an open application process followed by a voting process, however, as time is genuinely of the essence we felt that the best course of action was to handpick our pilot group based on an interview held with our Community Team. Had we gone with the first route we would have been looking at putting the first council together around August due to Fanfest 2013 and vacation which follows shortly afterwards.

Our aim is to have this council working with development teams to shape future content in DUST 514 as well as establishing how the full council will work and this is when all of you will have the opportunity to shape and effect change much like in the EVE Online Council of Stellar Management. Leaving this process to August would mean a lot of missed opportunity to have a group of council members engaging the community and bringing that feedback directly to the development teams as well as senior and executive producers.

CCP Dolan goes on to say, “This appointed council will work closely with us in establishing a voting system, working with teams regarding upcoming features, and generally serving a similar role to the EVE Online CSM.” CCP Dolan then says that further details on the council will be announced soon.

I personally wonder how well this is going to go with community. There are certainly going to be detractors of the appointment method (as opposed to an election), despite CCP Dolan’s reasoning for it. As for who will actually be appointed, it’s anyone’s guess, but there are definitely some likely candidates. I just hope I can have my popcorn ready before the fireworks get going. 

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