DUST 514 To Gain ISD

You mean like the highly paid and professional wage slave moderators on this site ?There's nothing wrong with volunteer moderators - pretty much any internet forum has them, and you'd be pretty much sunk without them.
I think the death of a fairly colorful and interesting forum caused by the ISD is news. I don't know what madness went through CCP's collective brain creating the ISD culture but it is anti-customer, anti-critism and is thuggish in behavior and attitude.It is basically a classic shutdown of any discussion, not just because it may be critical but because it isn't on corporate message.Once CCP decide you are a target to eliminate you can expect to have all kind of accusations and threats made and they will never discuss why. The support/escalation process is to themselves and IA don't get involved. It's a joke.People seldom arrive at the forum thinking they will quit EVE because of their treatment, but plenty do.
The ISD culture extant since 2003 ? Oh wait - I forgot, EVE *is* dying; rolleyes.jpg.
Other game companies generally have moderators on staff, like GMs, because volunteers are less likely to exercise sound judgement, and empowered, go too far. TM.com is a vanity/pet project, as are most forums. This website also doesn't recruit moderators publicly, even if they are volunteers. Dust 514 is a game developed by an established company with a giant publisher putting up a lot of money behind it. One would think decent moderation would be in the best interest of everyone. Picking from a stable of people with the time and desire to police people for free, especially people who offer themselves up and fucking apply for the position, are not people you should actually entrust with power.
ISD, for when you don't want to spend the money to get competent employees to moderate your forums.
Great, now the Dusties can suffer like we do.
Yes...Yes it is.I enjoyed it ;)

It was announced this week that the Interstellar Services Department (ISD) is inbound for the DUST514.com forums. What is the ISD? If you have ever trolled the EVE Online forums, then you know exactly what the ISD is. For the rest of the new mercenaries coming to our universe, this may change a lot of the so-called metagames and forum PvP we have become accustomed to.

You see, the ISD is the team of volunteer players that helps CCP police their forums, gather intel and do a number of other tasks. This also means these volunteers could possibly be susceptible to the metagame and silence those that they hold grudges against or turn a blind eye on allies misusing the forums. Remember: a volunteer is you. 

ISD Eshtir, ISD CCL team lead, made this statement on a DUST514.com ISD thread:

"I am Eshtir, team lead for the ISD CCL team. Some of us are already lurking on these boards, gathering feedback for CCP.

All i can say is, there had been talks to open up ISD for DUST players and how this would be achieved. Please note, nothing is final and i dont know when or how it all works out. But it is atleast looked into and im pretty sure as soon as the time is good to spread the word, CCP will do so via the appropriate channels.

On a personal note, i would very much welcome DUSTies in my team! :-)

ISD will always be ISD, be it in EVE or DUST. ;-)"

CCP Cmdr Wang (DUST 514 Community Manager) made this follow-up statement in the same thread:

"We have taken the first step in setting up the DUST ISD with the help of EVE ISD members. As ISD member Eshtir has mentioned they are currently helping the DUST community team with forum monitoring and we will be expanding their presence going forward. 

Some of the new areas that we want to expand into is to mirror similar services from EVE ISD such as the news reporting and EVE/DUST fiction writing for DUST as well. Once we have worked out a frame work on this plan we will announce recruitment for DUST ISD on the forums."

I'll keep you updated as more is unveiled, but for the time being I'd like to know what you think. Is the ISD a good idea for DUST514.com or not? Post your answer below.

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