DUST 514: Exploit Draws Player Accusations

With last week's commencement of Planetary Conquest, DUST 514 has seen the introduction of both a new, intense arena for competition and a true metagame, complete with awoxing. As reported here at TMC, the arrival of awoxing has been met with highly charged reactions from the playerbase. Now, a new Planetary Conquest bug has inflamed passions on the forums and increased friction between alliances even more.

A New Controversy 

While direct explanation of the bug and its reproduction are  unavailable and prohibited, the basic jist is this: a bug has repeatedly allowed corporations which should have lost a district (and in the process, should have had all of their clones destroyed), to hold on to the districts and in fact replenish their store of clones back to 150. At least some of those who benefited from the bug have claimed that they did not make it happen intentionally - and generally, there has been a lack of specific information about who the bug has affected and how. CCP has apparently promised several concerned petitioners that an announcement would be made soon; however, the bug was first described on the forums on Saturday and Monday has come and come in Iceland with no official word from CCP. Whether this is because they do not wish to discuss it after a hotfix during the extended downtime on Tuesday or because they are investigating potential exploitation is unknown.

The lack of information has not prevented accusations from being launched against a variety of corps and alliances, with accusations falling most directly on Jenza Aranda, the CPM member who was already receiving flak for supporting awoxing. With an absolute lack of displayed evidence and only a few misogynistic comments (several of which have since been moderated out) in support of the accusation, Jenza’s position seems quite secure. For her part, she issued a plain denial, posting, “I never used the exploit, when the exploit was reported to me, I instantly forwarded it to CCP and told the person informing me to not use it and not to tell anyone else about it so not to shine a light on it.” The tenor of the accusations seems to describe high tensions between CRONOS and its competitors - most strongly the Imperfects of Negative-Feedback, in this case.

As the bug itself is likely to be addressed in the near future, this specific debacle will likely fade in the community’s collective memory in no time. Regardless, and despite the bug, we can certainly see that Planetary Conquest is “working as intended” - battles are brutal and unfair, and passions are running high both in and outside of the game.

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