Dust 514 Battle Features Crashed Leviathan

On March 17 right after downtime, Dust 514 players were able join a mercenary battle that was a bit odd. For the most part, it played like the map Line Harvest normally did, with its four capture points and the three open warehouses. The odd part was the atmosphere - it was dark, like something was blocking out the sun. Debris was floating through the air and strangest of all was what looked like a crashed Titan, a Leviathan, in the distance. All this, and no official announcement from CCP beforehand.

For a while, everyone in the Dust universe, myself included, were scratching their collective heads about this one. There had been no announcement from CCP before the special mercenary match and after about an hour’s time all the matches were taken down. With my gumshoe itching, I tried to follow the two leads I had, a pair of Youtube videos posted by Kain Spero and MrGimbleB.

MrGimbleB’s video consisted of him playing through one of the matches on the altered map. The gameplay was cool, but it was the title that was of interested me (Dust 514 - Caldari Prime, Crashed Titan Event) especially considering Kain’s video. The video posted by Kain showed a single Eve capsuleer fighting the Caldari Navy above the skies of Caldari Prime, the same planet that the mysterious Dust matches took place. All the while, a Caldari Navy Leviathan sat observing the fight.

I decided to talk to the pilot in video, Seay Prime. When I first asked him about a crashed titan, he seemed a bit confused. He went on to say that he regularly fights the rats around the Caldari Navy Titan and that the Titan never went down at all in Eve Online; it remained static. That last bit was definitely odd considering MrGimbleB’s video clearly shows a crashed titan on Caldari Prime. Further research was in order.

After a Google search about the Caldari Prime Titan, everything began to come together. The Titan, it turns out, is a remnant of a Caldari fleet that retook Caldari Prime from the Gallente. The Titan still holds vigil over the planet to ward off would-be invaders. Most notable of all was that this invasion was spearheaded by Tibus Heth, a figure representing the Caldari in Eve lore. Tibus has been in the news lately as part of the Uprising series of live events, in which he is leading a campaign against the immortal mercenaries of Dust 514.

Here’s what I figure went down: the altered map of Caldari Prime was never supposed to be released to the players at this time. I was able to find a thread on the Dust 514 forums, and there are a few instances of links to footage of the event being deleted, which would support my thought that this was an accidental leak. This, combined with the lore behind the Caldari Prime Titan, makes me think that what we saw was a soon-to-be-released event in the Uprising series. As of this writing, CCP hasn’t said anything regarding the altered map, though we have sent an email asking for comment.

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Footage of the Mercenary Contract Battle  

Footage of Capsuleer Fighting Caldari Titan

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