DotA2: Goblak and Silent Leave Team Empire

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I'm hoping Sharfik would try to pick these guys up for the team he's making right now. That line-up could seriously go places.
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Citing recent performance issues after losing Funn1k to Na'vi and replacing him with Vigoss, Dota 2's Team Empire has decided on more roster changes. This time it's (now former) team captain Goblak and 5-position player Silent who have gotten the ax. From the announcement on their home page, it seems that these players have left by mutual agreement with the team.

Goblak and Silent have been team members since September 2012. Their arrival, along with Funn1k, who left in February of this year to join Na'Vi, heralded a six-month high for the team's performance. They took four separate first place prizes in 2012 alone, going 14-1 in the Starladder group stages, beating out Na'Vi 2-0 in the joinDOTA Masters, EG 3-1 in the RaidCall Dota 2 League's first season, and going 2-0 against Virtus Pro in the 2012 ASUS Open. They also had a slew of second place finishes in 2012 in the finals for Starladder Seasons 3 and 4, and in GosuLeague Season 5. Empire even made a showing at DreamHack Winter 2012, taking 3rd/4th place in a tie with Fnatic.EU.

Early 2013 continued strong with gold in the Premier League Season 3. About a month later, however, Funn1k, their third-position player, took an offer by Na'Vi to fill a gap, leaving Empire a man down. Their replacement? Vigoss, a long-time ringer and an old Virtus Pro member. He was widely considered one of the best free agents still left in the Dota scene.

A month after Vigoss joined, Team Empire took first place in the Techlabs Cup. Unfortunately, that was to be the last time Empire took first in any tournament they were in. April so far has had them play in three separate tournaments of note, and left Empire managers dissapointed. They took fourth place In Starladder's Season 5, losing 0-2 against Fantic.EU. Season 2 of RaidCall saw them starting strong until another 0-2 against scene newcomers Team Liquid, resulting in a third place finish, compared to first place in Season 1. The last straw apparently was last Sunday's BigpointBattle #3, where they climbed their way to second place only to get stomped 0-2 again against a completely unknown Team RoX.KIS

Citing these recent losses, Empire and Silent/Goblak decided to part ways. For now, they'll be free agents, although I expect they'll be picked up soon, possibly by a supposedly reforming team such as Root Gaming or Fnatic.NA, or possibly forming a new team of their own.

Team Empire has yet to comment on who will be replacing them.

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