Dev Incursion Incoming!

Around this time last year, CCP launched an intriguing new event: “Dev Incursions.” A fleet of expensive, heavily-bonused ships piloted by CCP developers and GMs would emerge from the edge of space, set to destroy all in their path. Loaded to the brim with expensive goodies and nigh-unkillable, two of these roams swept through New Eden in the last weeks of 2011.

Well, I say ‘nigh-unkillable’, but a target anywhere near as tempting as that couldn’t last long in those days. On the first roam, PL obliged with a brutal supercapital assault in Tama. If CCP wasn’t determined to nerf Titans beforehand, they certainly were after. The second incursion (well-tanked Abaddons) was a bit more successful, and by all indications, a lot of fun. 

A good time and a useful learning experience - obviously, the developers are interested in giving it another go. This holiday season looks to be in for another night or two of mayhem. CCP has announced that, sometime in the next few days, reports will begin “leaking” out from EVE’s social media about the dev fleet forming up:

Shortly after, the fleet will depart Polaris and use what military experts are calling “devhax” to appear in a carefully selected system somewhere in New Eden, which we will then proceed to camp with authority and rain down terrible vengeance upon any who dare come our way.

I’m hoping for either EC-P8R or somewhere in Syndicate, personally. Developers confirmed to attend include CCP Punkturis, CCP Zulu, CCP Soundwave, CCP Explorer, and CCP Unifex. Their fleet has been designed (and presumably will be led) by CCP Fozzie, giving this particular Icelandic incursion the potential to deal some serious damage.

We will blow you up if you show up. No mercy! It doesn't matter what you bring, we will try to kill you. Frigates, battlecruisers, even Titans... Oh, please, please bring a single Titan. We want to kill one. (Except for pods. We won't pod you. We can't promise that other players won't though.)

So: a potentially fantastic night, and a chance to shoot at your favorite (or 'favorite') devs. CCP setting aside time to play their game and take on whatever comes at them isn’t just good entertainment, though. With the strict rules against developers ‘embedding’ themselves in player corporations, this is a rare chance for them to experience fleet combat. First-hand knowledge of the realities of PVP is critical for making good design decisions. CCP is giving you, the EVE Online community, a chance to educate them (Fozzie can’t do everything, folks). It’s in our highest interest for the welfare of the game to throw everything we can at the Dev Incursion.

It’s also in our 'lowest interest', because they usually have cargo holds full of PLEX. Get ready to pounce, and good luck!

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