Destroying Outposts: The Workaround

Currently, outpost destruction is only a dream. When you flip a station, there is a certain amount of satisfaction in the act, but it is hardly the death blow to alliances in this current climate of sprawling coalitions. It takes very little effort for a "defeated" alliance to slide one of their spy alts into the station, transfer over what is not able to be hauled out in the first undock, then ferry things out to friendly jump-capable ships put in place just before downtime, one convoy at a time. In that way, slow though it might be, you can eventually finish your evacuation of assets despite the loss of sovereignty and outpost control. Historically, the only thing really lost when sov is flipped is pride and the assets of some line members who weren't paying attention.  

For many alliances over the years, the sov loss was only the outward sign of an internal collapse which was already underway. Usually, the two come hand in hand, so there is a correlation between sov loss and alliance collapse. However, correlation is not causation. A handful of alliances have been stomped into the ground, only to rise back from the ashes time and time again. So people who aren't thinking about the mechanics marvel at these phoenix-like alliances and say things like "Red Alliance never dies!" or "AAA does not forgive" (suggesting you can beat them down but they'll come back and return the favor). These alliances survive despite sov losses simply because they never actually lose much.  

So, how do you hit an enemy where it hurts?  How do you actually harm them?  How do you finish them?


Pandemic Legion Jail

Manfred, of Pandemic Legion, pulled out an idea he had back when Pandemic Legion were rolling Northern Coalition, a work around that effectively "removes" the outpost. He had initially pitched it to Vince, but the idea never went further than the drawing board. Instead of flipping the station to the victorious alliance (in this case, PL), which would allow anyone with a spy on the blue list to access the station and thus evac the outpost, they created a new alliance. Deadzoned is an alliance with a single corporation. That corporation has only three members, each a person who can be trusted not to be persuaded by the bribes an alliance with trillions of stuck assets would offer up. The new alliance has the station locked down for alliance access only, effectively limiting access to the station to those three unbribeable people.

So what's left inside R3P0-Z? 200+ JF loads worth of minerals (T2/T1). 500+ fit Maelstroms from their SRP. Countless trapped assets of line members. To put these numbers into perspective, SOLAR alliance has between 1-2 trillion isk worth of assets locked up now. A trillion isk is roughly $30,000. Gone. What would you do to get that back? It will be interesting to see how this progresses. Thus far, SOLAR numbers remain perfectly flat. No one has jumped ship. Business as usual. No need to panic.

Right now, SOLAR and PL are in a staring contest. Who will blink first? Will Pandemic Legion let the station slip into SOLAR-friendly hands some day, by either forgetting about it or being busy elsewhere? Will SOLAR collapse? Will SOLAR and PL negotiate a settlement? There's a lot on the line, so it is unlikely either will back down quietly from this new turn of events. Three people have the keys and they remain anonymous. Manfred calls station locking the new meta and sends of an ominous parting comment:

"Whats the next Deadzone?  Stay tuned!"

Bagehi began playing Eve in 2003 briefly, then returned in 2006. He has been part of IAC, NC, SoCo, and HBC during that time. He has a thing for history, but mostly spends his time IRL in a corner office, staring at financial reports, like a MMD.