The Delve Saturday Thunderdome

After the reset between Goonswarm and TEST Alliance, Delve has become a hotbed of PvP. A large number of Goonswarm pilots have moved down to NPC Delve, including essentially all of the combat squadrons & SIGs. Joining the fray from far away are Pizza and Black Legion. Tribal Band and Li3 bolster HBC fleets. Also spotted in Delve: Bombers Bar and RvB. Fights are bloody and constant.

On February 10, a Caracal fleet lead by Mister Vee entered the TEST home system K-6K16 and began to wreak havoc on stragglers, afkers and general miscreants that don't read intel before warping to station. Nothing major happened at first, but local began to rise as TEST started to form for a strat op against Black Legion. Vee pulled back to regroup and reship the few who died.

The Caracal fleet led by Mister Vee returned to K-6, this time with bomber support lead by Kcolor. Local continued to climb as more HBC members entered K-6 for the strat op. With tidi reaching 14%, Drake fleets, Oracle fleets, and a capital fleet undocked. The majority of the HBC subcap force bridged out of system from a safe POS. The remaining fleet, a TRIBE gang in Drakes, was left to defend the capitals. This was a smart move, as the Caracal force could keep the capitals on station with a bubble and cut them off from the fight. With the Caracals returning to station now that tidi was easing up, the Tribal Drakes followed suit.

It was a trap. After the bombers had waited patiently on the station for almost an hour, they finally revealed themselves to the enemy. With a dictor bubble on the drakes followed immediately by bombs, the TRIBE fleet saw its numbers drop by 50 instantly. While that number could have been a lot larger, the TRIBE fleet showed great composure and level-headedness by aligning out. When the bombs killed the bubble, a large number of TRIBE drakes were able to warp away with ~10% shields and avoid the last few bombs. Here's EVE-kill's pull of the fighting.

After Goonswarm left, TEST et al were able to continue onto their strategic operation against BL. According to this brdoc, it does not look like it went well. It is believed, though, that the HBC achieved their strategic objective during the op. All-in-all, a very bloody day in Delve, with hopefully more to come!

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