-DD- Advances in Paragon, Feyth Transferred

This is an in-depth followup to this breaking news story.

Following the RU TZ drop of all Unclaimed. sovereignty in Paragon Soul, Darkness and Despair (-DD-)  were able to successfully facilitate the onlining of a TCU in 4Y-B, and allowed its allies to claim the sovereignty in the surrounding systems. 

The Neo-Southern Coalition [NOSOCO] now controls half of Paragon Soul, one quarter of Esoteria, and a key station system in Feythabolis.

The only resistance from The Dinner Squadron [TDS] was a small T3 BC gang that was decimated by -DD- in 5-CSE3. 

5n4keyes, executor of Unclaimed. (TROLL), denied any intentional involvement in the sovereignty drop and claimed it was an accident brought on by the fatigue of transferring dozens of systems to other TDS sov transfer corporations. Unclaimed. is moving out of the south after suffering through the schism that resulted in the creation of Ex Cinere Scriptor (-ASH-), further membership decline, and leadership burnout. 

TDS leadership was skeptical of the reasoning behind the sovereignty drop given the timing behind when the sov transfer corporation was kicked, hearing reports (later proved erroneous) that -DD- was docking in the stations before they were captured.

With almost the entirety of Feythabolis also under TROLL control (but held by TDS sov transfer corporations), TDS leadership made the decision to forego plans to gradually transition sovereignty in Feythabolis and take a calculated risk that the fatigue from grinding all of Paragon Soul would outweigh the huge morale boost -DD- and friends had just recieved, resulting in low numbers.

At 20:00 EVE time a huge chunk of sovereignty was dropped in the region. Insidious Empire (EMP) and -ASH- TCUs were deployed and the process of onlining began.

The risk paid off. While -DD- was able to land a brilliant bombing run on TDS while outside of a POS waiting for a titan bridge, Russians were losing numbers to the timezone, allowing TDS to roll unnoposed through Feythabolis, flipping stations and guarding TCUs for the entirety of the evening. 

At the time of this article, -ASH- and EMP have assumed control of most of the former TROLL systems in Feythabolis. It remains to be seen whether some sort of immediate counter-operation will be launched by -DD- this morning, or whether they are content to consolidate their recent gains.

An interesting item to note is that -ASH- seems to be working closely with TDS, adding a significant boost to the coalition's supercapital numbers and US TZ coverage. There is additional speculation on whether TRIBE may feel threatened by their space suddenly being adjacent to a resurgent NOSOCO, and whether or not they may be drawn into the war.

Michael JD,  an FC and leadership figure for -ASH-, had this to say: "(I) would thank all the pilots of the coalition who made this all possible... It's time to go to war and start pushing the russians back into Stain."

A senior member of TDS leadership refused to comment on -ASH-'s membership status in the coalition, but did comment on the efforts taken by TDS pilots in the action to secure Feythabolis: "Today we prevented a bad situation (loss of Paragon Soul) from becoming worse (a possible loss of Feythabolis)."

No official representative of -DD- was available for comment at the time of this article's publication.

Overall, today was a crushing victory for Darkness and Despair. In one fell swoop they gained as much sovereignty in a day as they had previously taken over the course of three months of grinding. However, TDS members are expressing satisfaction that their efforts in Feythabolis have possibly prevented a similiar situation arising in that region. 

Time will tell whether this proves to be a watershed moment in the continued reclamation of the South by NOSOCO, or a wakeup call to TDS.

Formerly of RAZOR and Goonswarm, currently the CEO of Insidious Empire, a member of Pandemic Legion, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.