Day 2 of IPL 5 Starcraft 2 Tournament

On the second day of this amazing tournament we started off with a trio of crazy matches. Symbol vs aLive faced off first in an amazing Terran vs Zerg. Crank faced off against StC in a Terran vs Protoss, and vIOlet played Snute in a Zerg vs Zerg. Most of today’s matches will see big names like Scarlett, Crank, aLive and many more eliminated from the tournament. IPL continues to put on a phenomenal and punctual show. Day 2 has been just as exciting as day 1, every matchup has been so intense and close. So far, there are tons of Zerg left in the tournament and very few Protoss and Terran.


Unlucky aLive

aLive played his first match in round 4 as a 4th round seed. aLive came out with quick harass in the early game but made some strange choices which included gunning down his own units. aLive was unable to find an answer to Banelings, Fungal and Ultralisks which is a powerful army against Terran and got completely obliterated. He lost 2-0 to Symbol and moved on to fight for his tournament life in the losers bracket against HyuN. Once in the losers bracket, he lost to HyuN by 2-0 and after only 2 matches, aLive is out of the tournament. Symbol moved on to face Sleep and you’ll remember from Thursday that Sleep made taking out Scarlett look like a piece of cake. But Sleep was taken out 2-0 by Symbol in a devastating blow. Subsequently, Sleep will move to the losers bracket and will face either BBoong or XiGua in round 7 of the losers bracket tomorrow.


Failing Teaja

Sniper took on TaeJa in today's first round of the losers bracket. TeaJa had a hard time finding an answer to Snipers Ultralisk, Broodlord/Baneling army. Sadly, In both matches, TaeJa was unable to hold out against Sniper and has been eliminated from the IGN tournament.  


Great fight

viOLet and Snute faced off in the 4th round of the winners bracket in a Zerg vs Zerg matchup; a matchup we’ve seen many times over the course of this tournament. Snute, the last European in the winners bracket, was defeated 2-0 by viOLet’s strong Infestor control and he was moved into the losers bracket. vIOlet moved on to face HerO in a Zerg vs Protoss matchup resulting in one of the best matchups of the night. Despite HerO's great performance, he was completely dominated by viOLet in the late game. He fell apart completely, and moved into the loser’s bracket where he will face Sniper tomorrow. 


Come another day

Stephano and HyuN were able to eliminate each other from the IGN ProLeague tournament at the onset of today's matches. HyuN hit hard with some very early aggression and was easily able to keep Stephano at bay. Stephano was a little too aggressive with less units. He lost the series 2-1 and is now out of the tournament. However, Stephano will go on to participate in GSL World Championship which begins this Saturday. Although HyuN was later knocked out of the tournament by DongRaeGu, HyuN will fight for the GSL Code S championship later this weekend.


The only non-Zerg

Polt dominated in his first match on Thursday night, and he has brought some of his best gameplay to this tournament. In his first match of the second day, Polt went up against the equally amazing Creator who has proven that  he is a force to be reckoned with in this tournament. In a bold move by Creator, Storm was up as early as possible for Creator and it absolutely devastated the Terran army. Even though Polt got off to a rocky start he was able to take out Collossi, held Creator's advance and was able to win the game. He took advantage of timings and attacked Creator before his upgrades were done. As a result Polt was able to take the match finishing off the series 2-0 victory. He is also the only non-Zerg in the winners bracket.



Scarlett fever

Scarlett faced off against DongRaeGu which turned out to be an amazing matchup. Their first match saw tons of aggression from the very beginning, aggression that Scarlett was not able to deal with, and in the first game she was unable to hold out against the constant onslaught. In game 2 they both went Zergling/Baneling and exchanged workers and army numbers rather equally but Scarlett was able to get the upper hand with the Mutalisk count and overwhelm DongRaeGu thus winning the second match. In a super aggressive play DongRaeGu was able to come out on top, eliminate all of Scarletts workers leaving her with no economy and took the series 2-1. We will see Scarlett perform again in Vegas at the GSL World Championship where the best players in the world will face off against the Korean team.


Semi-finals in sight

Leenock has continued to perform as one of the top Zerg players in the world. In a desperate attempt to beat Leenock, StC pulled his SCV’s and his few hellions and tried to all-in against Leenock. His attempt, however, went unrewarded and Lennock took the series 2-0. The semi-finals began with Lennock taking on Polt in a Zerg vs Terran matchup on Metropolis, unfortunately Polt vs Leenock has been postponed until tomorrow. Symbol took on viOLet and in a crazy Zerg vs Zerg matchup with tons of harassing and all-in Baneling/Zergling matches, viOLet was able to beat her opponent 2-0.


More to come

There were just so many crazy matches today that it is impossible to try and cover them all. Other crazy matches include: Snute vs Life, where Snute was able to beat the reigning GSL champion and runner-up in MLG fall 2012, Life, effectively eliminating Life from the IGN tournament. YoDa vs HuK in a Terran vs Protoss matchup saw Canadian Protoss player HuK taking the series 2-0, eliminating YoDa from the tournament. At the end of day 2, all foreigners were eliminated from the tournament. These are just some of the highlights from the IGN tournament. Today also saw the start of the GSL semifinal, where HyuN took on Innovation (also known as Bogus), and Ryung took on Sniper.

Tonight’s GSL matchups were best of 5, with Terran players Ryung and Bogus taking on Zerg players Sniper and HyuN. HyuN was able to dominate the series and win against Bogus 3-1. Sniper was able to take out Ryung in a close series: 3-2. Both matchups saw the Terran players get dominated by the powerful late game Zerg army. Despite valiant efforts both Bogus and Ryung were unable to hold out and fight back. The last game between Ryung and Sniper ended with Ryung typing in all caps “IMBA IMBA IMBA IMBA” claiming Zerg to be too powerful and imbalanced. As a result, this year’s GSL final will see a Zerg vs Zerg with HyuN taking on Sniper Saturday at 6pm PST.

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