CSMLeaqs Reports Gorski Car RMT, Outing CCP Devs, and More

Earlier today, a set of chat logs were released by a new Twitter account known as @csmleaqs. In these logs, current CSM member, candidate for CSM XI, and /r/EVE moderator, Gorski Car appears to leak what the CSM had been discussing to unnamed friends, along with leaking what a few CCP developers do in-game along with their affiliations. Both of these are breaches of the Non-Disclosure Agreement that all CSM members must sign. At the time of this writing, there has been no CCP response to report. However, this comes at an inopportune time as the Winter Summit kicks off, sitting Gorski across the table from some of the devs he is alleged to have talked about, as well as the new CSM liasons, CCP Guard and Logibro. The duo took over this past Friday from CCP Leeloo, who was also mentioned unflatteringly in the leaks.

From these purported leaks, we learn that Gorski Car’s first character, Johnny Business, was banned for real-money trading, or RMT, a charge which Gorski does not deny. This is a blatant breach of one of, if not the most, important EULA clauses. This raises the question: how did an RMTer get onto the CSM? Perhaps even more controversially, this character became unbanned, supposedly with CCP intervention. A lesser offense is his Nazi humor, which also breaks the EULA to a lesser degree, but perhaps to a greater moral degree.

Gorski Car allegedly leaked many ideas or developments tossed around in CCP/CSM circles including the mechanics of new player-built gates, FW reworks, and warp changes.

Gorski also allegedly disclosed the affiliations of certain developers while complaining about the personalities of others.

Current CSM member Thoric Frosthammer has confirmed that at least some of the leaked statements are Gorski's, but did not comment on the accuracy of Gorski's claims. TMC is awaiting confirmation from other CSM members and comment from CCP, at least to the extent permissible under the CSM NDA. This article will be updated as new information comes in.


Update: Gorski was unavailable for comment until after publication time of this article, but he was contacted hours later and offered an opportunity to rebut or deny the claims made by the CSMLeaqs twitter account. That offer remains on the table.

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