CSM 7 Presents "Eve Online Development Strategy"

Yesterday (November 18th) Alekseyev Karrde, posting on behalf of the CSM, released an "Eve Online Development Strategy", a summary of what they felt were player concerns regarding upcoming expansions. The thread can be found here.

Earlier this month, EVE’s Senior Producer CCP Ripley called a meeting with the CSM to solicit feedback on some challenges and goals CCP was addressing during an upcoming strategy planning meeting. During the course of this meeting, the CSM offered to provide CCP with a different perspective on what EVE’s development strategy could be. CCP Ripley stated that she would find such a document helpful, but that this did not imply a commitment to implement what the CSM would give her.

The following document is the result of that collaborative effort and was submitted to CCP approximately two weeks ago. Our goal was not to provide a prescriptive “wish list”, but instead to influence the strategic planning conversation in a positive direction. CSM7 would like to thank CCP Ripley for not only distributing it to CCP’s development teams but also agreeing to its timely publication.

A Few Notes to the Community:

  • The intended audience for this document was CCP, not the community; please keep this in mind when reading it.
  • We tried to avoid, as much as possible, specific suggestions like “fix sov by doing x.” Instead, our emphasis was to explain why “fixing sov” will address specific business goals.
  • The primary coauthors of this document were Alekseyev Karrde, Hans Jagerblitzen, Trebor Daehdoow, and Two Step. It was unanimously endorsed by all active members of the CSM.
  • Nothing has been edited or removed due to the NDA; aside from minor edits made for clarity, this is exactly what the CSM sent to CCP.

The download link for the file can be found here.

Regardless of your feelings on any or all of the topics covered in the letter, I strongly encourage you to post in the thread in support of both CSM transparency and especially a response from CCP on these issues. More communication from CCP is never... well, rarely... a bad thing.

Seven year veteran & economics guru of EVE Online as well as CSM 8 representative. On the side I play PS2, WOT and Hearthstone.