The CSAA Brawl in JAWX-R

A Persona Non Gratis CSAA came out of reinforcement in the system JAWX-R over the weekend and sparked a huge brawl between 46 alliances.

The battle, which took place over two hours (and followed a full three hours of form up time) was fought between the CFC, Nulli Secunda, NCDot, Black Legion, Solar renter alliances and Against ALL Authorities. The CFC brought Alphafleet ships, Nulli Secunda and NCDot brought Nagas, Black Legion and Co had approximately 250 Hurricanes, with several carriers in support, and AAA rounded it off with some AHACs.

The following is what happened from the CFC Alphafleet side.

“The CFC, forming up in Alphafleet doctrine ships made their way to Etherium Reach, ready to kill the CSAA, being delayed at almost every system by bubbles. Just as we were about to jump in, we were told by DBRB that the CSAA was not to be fired upon under orders from the Goon diplomatic team.

Eventually, after countless stories of how DBRB was going to conquer someone else’s wife that he knew, but that it wasn’t immoral to do so, the fleet arrived one jump out of JAWX-R, where DBRB told us the fleet compositions of the alliances. Nulli and NCDot were coming in Nagas, AAA were in AHACs and Elo Knight along with his merry band of Solar renter alliances were in 250 hurricanes and carriers compared to 84 maelstroms and 31 rokhs. The prediction was amongst the pilots, the CFC fleet was going to get slaughtered.

The alphafleet jumped in to the hurricanes on the gate. Quickly DBRB gave the order to go alphabetically A-Z on the hurricanes and keep on anchor with him. We were going through the canes at a fair pace, the hurricanes quickly going down. Eventually however, the numbers began to tell and Maelstroms and Rokhs began to fall consistently. TIDI and Nulli Secunda, who we had temporarily blued for this op, lent us a significant amount of help. When I eventually went down, we were hitting the letter ‘T’ hurricanes, but I stayed on comms to hear Makaulu die for blundering beyond his logistics repping range.

All told, the battle was a brawl, the CFC were surprised at how many hurricanes went down but overall, we went in with not a hope in hell and surprisingly managed to get some people home. “

Out of the other alliances involved in the fighting, only Nulli came forward to share their side about what happened:

“Well our perspective isn't so interesting tbh
We came
shot at dudes
as a third party
3 way'd it
had no real affect on the fight”

The battle report, which consists of a total of 936 pilots and the deaths of 149 Hurricanes as well as 42 Maelstroms suggests that Eve is not dead in nullsec and that hopefully we can all anticipate brawls such as this one in the future. The CSAA survived to live another day whilst 387 broken hulls drifted in space.


In real life, is a Publishing Strategy Manager for a technical publishing house. In Eve, co-ceos a corp that attempts to specialise in covert ops.